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Hello everyone welcome back to my video. Today I want to talk about a backpack company. I shared this company with you when I did my Christmas gift Guide. I also did a very nice giveaway of a ladies luxury leather handbag. well we picked up some other goodies through out the holiday season from this company. I want to share those with you. I want to talk about the company. about their products little bit, about what they have to offer their backpacks is a famous and popular.

Backpack company is out of the China islands and Hong Kong.They are working and trying to sell their high quality products here. in the United States when they sent me the products for the Christmas gift guide. we were so pleased with the ones that we had chosen.My daughter received one as a Christmas Gift. I’m also going to be doing another giveaway in today’s video, so make sure you stay tuned till the end of this video. for information on that oneof the things that my daughter, hailey. who just recently moved to New York City has shared with us this leather Backpack. that we gave to her as a gift. She’s loving it. Because it helps her get all over the city, as you know that you’re traveling by subway and you really just can’t take a lot of with you. So it’s been wonderful the upkeep has been great even through the the wintery seasons that she has there in New York City. so just great feedback from her. And I definitely wanted to share there because there is something to say about quality products and that is what is so impressive about hey backpacks is. I am impressed with the quality of their bags. they are also really trying to mark it over here, so they are offering some discounts.

Stylish Backpacks for Men

I will have all of that information in the drop down box as well as in the corresponding blog post. so you’ll want to make sure you check those out and then don’t forget stay to the end for the giveaway. Before I start sharing the backpacks in the luxury bags with you, let me just share really whothey are trying to market to what they actually provide in who it’s for hey backpacks. specialized in travel backpacks school, backpacks luxury ladies handbags and gentleman’s leather wallets. so they have a lot of variety something for everyone. I also love their canvas backpacks and we have picked up a few of those we actually use one for a camera bag. I take my camera and bring it around in that canvas backpack can also be used for hiking.

We just recently picked up a couple gifts from hey backpacks for some loved ones of ours that do a lot of hiking. so there’s a lot of variety here and something for everyone be sure to check out their website, will also be linked you can get registered there to keep updated on new products. and you can take a peek at all of their designer goods this is a hundred percent high-quality greased leather luxury lady’s handbag. I love this one here this comes in four different colors the cost is $70. I love this bag because I think this is a great bag for the working business lady. it has all of your different zip pouches on the inside a place, to put your pen and to put your cell phone. the other thing is they’re very easy to clean. you just wipe it with a damp cloth another feature that I always like on these type of bags. right here when you can close them and this one does have the zip closure some bags. they don’t include that, I don’t like anything left open it’s great to have it.Open when you need it, but I like the availability to be able to zip it close. so when I set my bag next to me, I don’t have to worry about it this.

Next one I just couldn’t give up in the giveaway because this one is for me. I don’t have a little leather backpack and I don’t really need a backpack, because I’m not in school or doing anything like that.but sometimes when I’m traveling, I do require a backpack. I love the feel of this leather one right here. I love the detail of the zippers coming down. there’s your backpack feature I also love when they have the hand most of them do the other thing to list the bottom of this one is very structured. so you can set it down and it’s got that structure it’s also not too big but what I love is my purse organizer would fitness. if I wanted to carry it, as a purse when I am traveling the other thing with this bag that I love is your laptop as long as it’s 14 inches or below will fit in here. so that’s a great feature again has your pen holder zip pouches place to put yourself on everything that you will needed. so this is a favorite of mine and this comes in four colors it’s only 46 dollars. and guess what I didn’t want it in just one ladies. I wanted it in two here is the same one anymore silver color so I really love the metallic. finish of this one having a couple different colors in my stash. I think is going to be wonderful also if I carry one with me. let’s say on a plane to go traveling I can flatten this pretty easily and in store it right in my luggage.

Let’s continued into some school backpacks. I am obsessing over this one. I love the color and I love everything about it. let’s start with the top, so you’ve got your handles on the top but you also have this buckle right here that holds them together. so I love that feature and I love the fact that there’s two handles not many backpacks have double handles like this, and then to be able to put them together. this is great for carrying like that it’s also going to allow you to have extra weight, you can put your laptop in here. you’ve got your nice adjustable straps on the back and these are very heavy-duty tons of compartments in the inside. you’ve got a pouch right here you could put a water bottle in. you could slide your phone in there you’ve got the front part.

I love the two-tone colors so this really caught my eyes. this was probably my favorite and my choice. I love the size of it and it’s not a heavy backpack itself but the material of it. is going to be heavy-duty for some good wear and tear and you’re going to be able to put some weight in there, and that’s really important to me. when I look at backpacks because when you’ve got books and your laptops and then you’ve got all your other necessity you want. something that’s going to be able to handle that weight and the handles play a big factor in that, as well as you can see I opened up this backpack. I put my macbook air in there which I believe is a 13 inch fits In.There perfectly you would have a little bit of elbow room if you wanted to put a 14 inch in there. I also put a pen in there just to show where the dividers are so lots of wonderful compartments, something that is very important to me. I always impressed when they have the sleeve if you can see that my laptop fit nice inside of that sleeve. I always like when you have that. there’s also extra room if let’s say you have a planner or you have your notepad or something like that. you could slide that in there as well and nothing will get damaged this backpack right here is going to be a little bit bigger.

I think this one could be for a gentleman or a lady because I know that my girls,my olderes girls specially would probably choose something like this. they’re going to be able to carry a 15-inch laptop in this particular bag again. we have the adjustable straps, we’ve also got some more gold zipper and I like the leather detail on this like it’s not a denim but it almost has that type of look but it’s not really a blue it’s more of a Charcoal. You never know what you’re dealing with lighting. but I love the detail with the leather again lots of compartments in here as well. it also has that same type of sleeve to drop your laptop in only forty seven dollars. great material very heavy-duty can’t go wrongwith something like this. also bear in mind everything that I am sharing with you pretty much comes in a lot of different color options.

I am loving this one, this is a hiking travel backpack. I love the color of this, this is awesome. we actually are using one of these for my camera when we have to take a lot of components to my camera on the road. like my different things like that. this is what I’m hearing. so it’s been wonderful for that feature. I picked this up before a gentleman in our hike and so I’m gonna be so happy to give this to him. it’s going to be a great surprise this has a ton of compartments heavy-duty. look at the color I love the whole hiking rugged appeal to this. I think a lot of guys would really like this. I can’t say the girls went either just because I know my adult girls love stuff like this. so this is super great I love how the leather detailing is kind of unstructured and kind of floppy.
I think it just gives it that hiking appeal your hook you’ve got your adjustable straps. everything could be snug as a bug and the inside has a Ton of room this can hold up to a 17 inch laptop. it is that heavy duty canvas so is going to be able to take a lot of wear and tear and it’s going to be able to handle a lot of weight also $95.00 very affordable for something like . if you were to research that’s a wonderful price last but not least. I want to talk about this large durable heavy-duty travel backpack. this is huge ,I can fit in this almost very heavy duty canvas here. you can use it as a backpack it’s also got a ton of pouches. it’s got a handle so you can turn it on its side like that and carry it that way. I wanted to leave it open so that you could see literally how huge this is, going to be for travel you could wrap up your sleeping bag and put it in here. among other things you could put your clothes on top of it. if you’re out hiking and camping and you need to have something that’s going to hold a lot a tent. whatever it has a place where you can store all of your personal items and that’s going to be towards the top. so those are going to be easy to get into and get access to while you have the rest of it filled with the things that maybe you don’t need to get until you get to your destination. so this is just a wonderful one for traveling again.

I can see this being great for somebody that does a lot of hiking and maybe camps. while they’re out hiking and needs to have something heavy-duty that will store a lot this comes in two colors. you will never wear something like this out. my husband has used these type of bags for many years for hunting and he puts them through the wringer. he also puts them through major weather conditions. so again some things just get better with time and this is going to be one of them this is also only $68. so great buy a great product and really just want to share all of these wonderful things with you from hey backpacks. I have many viewers and followers from all over the world so it is very important to me. that I share with everyone not just the people that live in the States. so I love to get the word out I also love the fact that we can benefit from this company. here in the United States but as well in other countries my other viewers and followers can as well so hope you enjoyed all of the information. don’t forget everything including discount codes websites, any information you want to get and look around there’s many other options on their website soccer bags. different things like that also don’t forget the giveaway, so the information for the giveaway this beautiful bag here it is open internationally for all of you to take advantage.
of all the information will be in the drop down box below as well as if you click on that very top link in the drop down box. that takes you to the corresponding blog post this giveaway will be open for seven days the dates will all be indicated. there wanna wish you good luck to the lovely lady that is going to receive this or a man. Because of a man receives as I entering the giveaway and winning it he can give it to one of his lovely ladies. thank you for taking the time to join me today in this video. I also want to thank hey backpacks for providing these wonderful products for me to share with you. I will see you in the next video have a wonderful day.

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