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Hello everyone welcome to our new vide.Today we are going to check out the top 5 best travel backpacks in the market in 2018. I made this list based on my personal opinion.I tried to list them based on their price quality durability and more. If you want to see the price and find out more information about these backpacks you can check out the links down in the description in the comment section below.

Let’s get started with the video, at number 5 we have the Amazon basics carry-on travel backpack. the Amazon basics is a reliable carry-on travel backpack that houses multiple compartments that have enough space to hold all your important stuff. It necessary for your next adventure from a design perspective, the amazon basics comes in three different colors you can choose the one that suits best of you. But all of them share the same quality construction.The material used for crafting this backpack is durable polyester that makes it really durable incredibly flexible and lightweight at the same time. so even if you’ve been using it for a couple of years you won’t find any noticeable difference in terms of quality. the main compartment measures 5.5 inches in length 14 inches in width and 21.5 inches in height. which means that you can store different sized equipment without any problem as a plus the bags. full expansion zippers can provide you with 10% more packaging space so you shouldn’t worry literally about anything.

Popular Backpack Brands

The amazon basics also has a laptop sleeve that can accommodate laptops of any sizes, but what’s so special about this sleeve is that the backpacks main compartment can be expanded into the laptops area. so you will be equipped with even more space. I also want to inform you that the main upper packing compartment is very spacious or to be more precise, you can find a tuck away ID pocket a hideaway water bottle a key clip and a zippered mesh holder. so in terms of organization you will always know where you have placed your belongings. you can also notice the padded shoulder straps and the waist belt. which are both removable so you can wear this bag as a backpack or as a suitcase. people claim that they haven’t felt any fatigues on their shoulders and hands. which is always welcome since no one wants to feel any pain during their travel. overall if you’re looking for an affordable and comfortable backpack that has a huge internal space then the amazon basics would be an ideal choice
for you.

At number four, we have the Osprey Far point 40. the Osprey Far point 40 is one of the most popular travel backpacks on the market. And the reasons behind this are, it’s spacious compartments ergonomic design and the endurance. that guarantees long years of usage from a design perspective. The FairPoint 40 comes in three different colors and two sizes, such as small medium and medium large. But today we are going to make an review of the medium/large model. just a quick note before we begin the opinion claims about the small medium model, is suitable for people under five foot tall. While the medium large is for everyone above five foot nine.The FairPoint 40 measures 22 inches in height 14 inches in width and nine inches in depth with an internal volume of 2441 cubic inches or 40 L. for those who prefer the metric system which makes it compact and spacious at the same time. The bag is made of 210 denile on mini hex diamond rips top with 600 d pack cloth accents and bottom. which says a lot about its durability at the front and on the side there are padded handles that feel really soft on your hands and they will improve your control when holding the pack.

Fully loaded in addition there are dual front compression straps positioned at the front that will grant you more stability when you’re wearing the pack. without causing any pain the internal part is composed of the main compartment, that contains compression straps and a second smaller padded compartment with a zipped mesh pocket that can house your laptop Kindle or tablet.The exterior is composed of straps a hip belt and harness system and mesh pockets. so you can use those mesh pockets for storing your water bottles since there isn’t any specific compartment for this. a really cool thing about the hip belt and the harness system is that they can be zipped all the way down. so when you’re being checked by the airport security you can immediately open the whole bag.

Next up at number three. we have the Tortuga travel backpack. The Tortuga travel backpack is a front-loading carry-on backpack that is intended for every traveler, who wants to upgrade their existing backpack with a new sleek and spacious one. from a design perspective the Tortuga measures 22 by 14 by 9 inches and therefore it meets the default criteria for carrying luggage.Really notable fact about this backpack is it’s 100% nylon construction. That was designed to stay durable Through out plenty years of use while maintaining its original shape. In my opinion this backpack is maybe not the most visually appealing one that you can find, but when it comes to the packing customers say that it is really functional. the interior includes a fixed internal compression system a huge main compartment and a padded laptop sleeve that can accommodate laptops up to 17 inches. This sleeve is positioned between the Tortugas back padding and main compartment. so the laptops weight will be equally distributed across your shoulders and you won’t feel its weight at all moreover the exterior is composed of five pockets. where each of them plays a specific role in the packaging process for example the side pockets have zippered closures and are capable of holding small items and water bottles. there are also hidden pad pockets which are strategically positioned, so you can access them really quickly in order to get your items such as passport boarding passes or something similar.

I also want to mention that the main lid can fully. that it will allow you front loading so your packing process and access will be really convenient while on the other side this is pretty useful, when the airport security wants to check you.The Tortuga is really comfortable as well. thanks to its padded shoulder straps and hip belt that will stay fixed to your torso and ensure. The weight would not cause fatigue.Overall the Tortuga is worthy of considering because it combines an affordable price with a unique design. which will ensure that all of your travel gears will be kept savely in place.

At number 2, we have the Osprey Fairview 55.The Osprey Fairview 55 is orientated towards the female population. who always seeks a large space for during all of their necessary equipment before traveling. but there is also a male version. so let’s get into action and find out why this would be a top choice for women. from a design perspective the Fairview 55 comes in three sizes and two colors. but we will talk about the small/medium. since we think that it is adequate to accommodate a wide variety of users this bag measures 25 inches in height 13 inches in width 12 inches in depth and you can load up to 50 pounds of equipment without any problem. I really like its Construction, that is composed of 210 D nylon mini hex diamond rips top with 600 D accents and base. which are the best reasons why this backpack is durable and ready to be used for many years that come at the inside you will find an internal compression strap system. That will tighten your gears and keep them stable throughout your transit and leave. And for more space to storing equipment the internal maximum capacity is 55 liters or more precise we get this number. when we combine the main packs capacity of 42 liters and the integrated removable 13 L day pack. which can be used as an additional travel storage.

The internal main compartment also has laptop and tablet sleeves. which are surely a pretty useful thing due to the fact that we are living in a modern world. where these things are always necessary for communication moving on. the exterior features dual front compression straps a front panel / pocket and of course the back panel which is really impressive. thanks to its hip belt and harness system that will help you get a slimmer profile while traveling. since they can be keep and zipped away users claim. This bag is really comfortable to wear and that the weight distribution is equally spread across your back and shoulders. so even after a prolonged time of usage you won’t feel any strains that may interrupt your travel experience to conclude. the Fairview 4 is a top choice for everyone so make sure that you consider it seriously.

As your next purchase to finish up our list at number one, we have the nomadic travel backpack. The nomadic is one of the most functional travel packs on the market.because it combines the best features from a backpack in a duffel back so you can use it however you want. from a design perspective the nomadic measures 21 by 14 by 9 inches and has a maximum packing capacity of 40 liters. which means that virtually you can store everything that you think it is necessary to be a part of your next journey. this travel bag features a 100% waterproof tarpaulin material which is widely known for its durability endurance and capability to stand various weather conditions.

What makes the nomadic a unique and top choice for you is that there are many compartments available. which will ensure that you won’t have anything left at home. when you’re traveling for example there is a compartment specifically designed for keeping laptops of up to 15 inches. in a tablet pocket as well so terms of tech equipment you will be more satisfied than ever.there is even a separate laundry bag which you can take an advantage in order to store your Clothes. but let’s not forget the shoe compartment which is spacious enough to keep a typical male shoe. one of the most useful pockets and at the same time. maybe my favorite pocket is the quick access fleece pocket which is a really cool addition because you can keep your eyeglasses and other similar useful. accessories that play an important role in your travel experience before we start talking about the security compartments.

I want to mention two Things, the first is the magnetic water bottle pockets on both sides in. which you can store your plastic water bottle or thermos worry free. while the second one is the bags full perimeter expansion and the full perimeter zippers will let you expand the bag according to your needs.

Finally the nomadic has a Radio Frequency Identification pocket with a TSA approved lock. as well as an airport friendly design that will allow you to be checked in a matter of seconds. overall you won’t go wrong if you ever purchase this bag, because it has everything that would make it be your greatest companion thanks for watching guys. I hope you liked this video. if you want to see the prices and find out more information, about these travel backpacks you can check out the links down in the description in the comment section below, thank you again for watching and I will see you again in the next video.

We all select a hiking backpack based on capacity load distribution comfort durability and more. so let’s take a look at the top five products in this video.

The fifth product on this list is the Kelty Red Wing. the red wing 50 features perfect fit suspension for on body adjustments to customize your fit in. seconds hybrid loading you zipper design works as both the top loader and panel loader allowing easy access to all your gear in additional. stash pocket on the front of the pack makes it easy to tuck away a jacket or hoodie.Inside we’ve updated the organizers for maps, electronic pens or other travel essentials.

Next one on this list, is the North Face Terra this journeymen favourite has been completely retooled with a user-friendly design that slimmer and lighter for all-day. comfort when managing 65 liters loads the refined option fit harness system, offers better load control on the trails and dials and they fit between the pack and your body without sacrificing ventilation. the variety of well-placed pockets improves access to trial essentials. when you’re on the move.

The third product on this list is the Osprey Kestrel. the Osprey Cottrell 48 is a jack-of-all-trades with a separate zippered sleeping bag compartment and external sleeping pad Straps. it’s a fully functional overnight pack or cinch down the straightjacket side compression straps and take it out for a day of peak bagging in the high country. external hydration sleeves in the back panel simplifies refilling and protects the pack contents from spilling.
the second product is the Teton Scout. the Teton Scout is perfectly sized for youth and light backpackers. it has torso adjustments aluminum stays thickly. padded straps plenty of pockets and a built-in rain fly this is a durable hiking pack with sturdy zippers mesh. lumber support a padded waist and shoulder straps and bendable aluminum. stays you won’t believe how comfortable this pack is for the money top carry loupe makes it easy to load into the car
The top product on this list is the Gregory Mountain baltoro. the supreme comfort and advanced performance make the baltoro 65 ideal for weekend warriors and demanding users alike. this backpack secret sauce combines trail dominating response a3 suspension technology with 65 liters of capacity giving it a dynamic load balancing. it through tough terrain plus a trim design that feels perfectly sized for long winter weekends. warm weather multi stagers and shorter backcountry exertion.

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