Mini Backpacks for Toddlers

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All right guys, I am in a new Ross and this one seems have new backpacks. In front of me, I see a couple new bags we haven’t seen before.Let’s start with this one and look at that, there’s on really cute a tiny one and a hot pink handle. oh look at the back, that’s cute and that one’s gonna be $23 and then we have a lighter version. ohlook at that one has flamingos on it, yeah it’s a bet stay with.let me go there, we go that’s really cute and this one it’s also gonna be this one is a dollar cheaper or a couple cents and that one’s gonna be the same one.I see some more um Betsy right here in front of me. let’s see, well here’s a tan one. I’m gonna put that back oh look this has like an emoji like gold emoji one. oh look that’s a little clip can I lick my purse and this is going to be $15.99 sowe’re gonna think sixteen do you see a tag on it.

Like who’s it by like the brand name.I don’t know who is bike but it’s a really nice Zipper and then we have another Betsy right here, look at little pom-pom looks like it’s missing eyes that should have a face or something and you know it’s a light pink with hearts. let’s pull this down and it does have stripes and there is the back and this one is gonna be 22 99 so we’re gonna say $23 .and look at this one this has glitter on it it has two pom-poms. oh look has even a unicorn it’s like a unicorn cat see if I can get that and it has the ears and this is going to be $21. it’s just that’s the perfect backpack. I don’t see under no under on sky huh so this is the brand. so this one is new here we haven’t seen this one and then of course we have Steve Madden. we’ve seen this Steve Madden and this is gonna be 30. I believe that look at this little tiny guy right here, he’s cute.they see this one it’s some little tiny $20 oh it does have wings can you pull the straps.I can see the wings, oh my gosh that is cute they move. what do they move, oh wow they’re movable right now and that is so cute. it’s really tiny but the straps are very long there’s $20.

Mini Backpacks for Toddlers

That one should just look in and we have some more black bags. this one has the o-ring this is the brand here. he does come with a scarf and they are asking for $13 $12.99 here is a black one Sag Harbor it is a crossbody $15. we do have a nine West and it’s going to be let me look at that price seventeen and 99 now. I think we’ve seen this one yet have seen this one before and again this one is going to be 17. okay this one we haven’t seen this says a rampage it is a gold chain and it is a crossbody and this one is going to be um $14. we have some Tommy Tommy, you know we kind of seen this pattern before it is a crossbody $17 this is perfect image. here that opens and it’s going to be $12 .Kenneth Cole right here it just says like reaction you know the name all over. it is gonna be 17 oh that one’s cute on you, which one oh you like this Steve Madden this one is $24. she’s looking for a new bag and then we have another Tommy one and the 2099. so we’re gonna say $21 just around that right here’s.

I think we’ve seen this one and it just has a chain and this is gonna be $19.99. we do have the brown Steve Madden and it’s gonna be 30. we have seen this many times here this is the Union Bay, look at that it’s like a bungee cord like you know like a backpack .it does have cat print, it’s like a fanny pack backpack. the way it’s styled and it’s gonna be sixteen is a bigger black Steve Madden 30 this is new hair this is multi sack. let me find that price for you sometimes these prices are like on top $20.what’s this neck here t-shirt and jeans you know we see that Brent all the time in pennies and it’s gonna be 15. these are pink Steve Maddens $28.

We have that one back there, we’ve seen this one before this is a Betsy here.the guest we’ve seen this one the flower one it is $40 for people who want to know. and then we have another one this is just white with floor print it is $20 and it is just the perfect backpack. I guess that would be the brand right now. this one under one sky, that’s the brand for that. so I did find any Union baby backpack here and this is gonna be sixteen dollars. we seen it ready so we’re really seeing this Betsy hold hands look at this one this is perfect image. a little mini pink one eleven dollars. look at this clear backpack that is they love Betsy right there that’s really cute for a kid. and that this one is gonna be 30 so 30 for that I’ve seen these ones down here, except for this one right here this guess one here’s the no zippers tag. it was a really nice one actually this is gonna be $40 that’s not bad.

Howard you find that one t-shirt and jeans $15 that’s kind of fun and we have this BB one.we’ve seen Before it is a light lavender and gonna be $35. I’ll look at this one I think we’ve seen this one before I’m trying to remember 15 and then that you know reddish orange Steve Madden. so some of these are the same we seen and something’s definitely different. they’re always changing like this backpack right here. I’m gonna pull this one out it’s like hollow but look at the zipper it’s like multicolored and just have the palms does have a little unicorn horn. under one sky and this is gonna be $20 here’s another black bag .let’s see here is a front they’re asking for $23 let me find a brand for you. melot world there we go and then we have Jones New York cross buddy. I believe we’ve seen this before this one. we have not seen this is different and this is Steve Madden and it’s gonna be $30. and it is a crossbody look at this black and white one right here this is my perfect image.

New York and the hardware is you know gold and $10 I did a cross body does come with the gold chain and then this one back here has the pearls. there we go pull this one out that’s the front and I really perfect world Oh mellow world. that’s the brand and it’s gonna be $20 and it does come with the gold chain here is another great backpack. this one reminds me of a Rebecca Mink off knock off the Julian. I don’t know who it’s by but they’re asking for $14 for this one 14.we have the Kenneth Cole reaction, we see multiple times here that has b29 here’s it Adrian. there you go there’s that Burnham .I just don’t want to mess up the names that’s why I don’t $25 what’s behind me maybe forward.we got to chill Oh tip to low – Taillow it’s not how you say can sit alone and $30. I think we’ve seen that one before. I can’t remember hold this one for me please.

let’see here is a Tommy Hilfiger it’s gonna be $28.99 so we’re gonna go with 30. I mean 29 here if a another Betsy has unicorns on it. oh no price on this one there’s another one then we stable to find that price. there’s one right here let’s see,it might be on top so $23 for the unicorn one and we have seen that Daisy won before and that is $18 and that is by rampage. all of these bags in front of me are 35 and they’re all gonna be Steve madding is a black and white juicy bag. it is a crossbody a dead snake Juicy Couture you know on this strap and it’s gonna be $24. can you hold that for me let’s see I think we’ve seen this Sonia perfect image. this is very thin though and kind of makes it look cheap. Billy the handles to me in my opinion and it’s gonna be $15. we have seen this before under one sky and they’re asking for 14 it is crossbody.

Here is another juicy it is white and this one’s supposed to have a charger you know the power bank in it they’re asking for $21. a little bit one here we go look at that little cute thing this is $19.99 20 and this is a vegan brand. I think can we flip that tag over that is a vegan brand right there we have this Guess one. I think we’ve seen this one here we go says guess and it is $50 pair if they tell me what a larger one this is going to be $30.We have this one this is by Sam Hadley that’s the brain here and they’re asking for $23. I’ll look at that one it’s kind of cute, this is Aldo here kind of reminds me of a little bit of Betsy has a floral cross body that looks similar to this. this is some $28 here is a Steve Madden the yellow floral print here you know the gold trim and the long strap so this one is new this is gonna be 20. we have a Nautica and this has Nautica all over the front you. know the print 27 here is a guest one it’s all tangled up they’re asking for $45. and then we got the Anne Klein and that’s gonna be $30 let’s keep moving.

Let’s say we’ve seen this before. I look at that one haven’t seen this one video collection by strong studios is like a vegan one because it says something here to be kind to animals. so this might be a big in bag and they’re asking for 20 and that’s gonna be 20. and then the rest we’ve seen The rest already except for this one. this one it looks like you’ve seen a Walmart soon.what is it just like a canvas bag like a grape fruit this is another Adrienne one and it is $20 here is a juicy bag. it is black and I does stay juicy on it has the gold hardware and that’s gonna be 30. all right look at this one this isactually really cool. I think we’ve seen something similar to this. I just look like a pencil box with a strap, but I think it’s me and different how much 23:23 dollars very different here is Catskill reaction. I’ve been seeing a lot of these, are really nice too and also you could take it off and use it like a wallet. we’re sledge $18 a lot of the stuff. I don’t want to like reshow this is a tanner one same price. what else do they have in here. Look here is a gray one, just like the black one was saying earlier twelve dollars and this is sharper image. here what is this one multi sack and thirteen dollars. we’ve seen this one number is still here no one has bought that one.

I’ll look at this it feels very I like to feel a bit. you know this is blush and it’s gonna be $ is a red and Cline you know a little gold chain and the strap and let’s see that price where yeah $24.99. look this the Steve Madden clear Chanel inspired it’s $25. here and Ross we do have another Tommy print and they’re asking for oh no $18. look at this one that’s really different this is going to be 20 and this is by who expression. Well look they have another one,, we have several of these here Sag Harbor with this leather strap $13. look at this one in the handle and the hardware and then a gold strap. they’re Asking for $28. This is Aldo right here that’s a really nice one actually he was a kind of coal a rampage.

I seen this one before and at the cross buddy it’s gonna be $15. this is a Steve Madden and is a cross body and that price others its prices $22. alright guys and then here is a guest one. I think we’ve seen this one before this is like a long cross body gonna be $35 tear is another backup that’s broken. here’s the BB fanny packs are coming back. it’s gonna be 12 and it’s like you know pinkish floral then it has like you know the little bling and then the blacks track. that’s funny here is some more Tommy, you guys a different print and has blue handles $28. Then we have a black guest one and it’s going to be 42 so $43. we’ve seen this large Steve man in the white tote before this is reflection. we have reflections in front of me and that price is going to be $20 for that bag not bad and then the rest on this thing. we’ve seen before here’s another guest asking for 45 what are the fun bag right here. the one with the scarf this is another Adrian bag and it’s gonna be $30. for this one the front and then you know we have the back.

Mark Jones New York we seen a lot Jones New York before this thing style. what is this one right here on the floor this is gonna be a Steve Madden. That’s Steve Madden and that price for you it’s going to be $35 $35 but see and this is gonna be 18. I think we’ve seen this one here is a black Aldo it is a backpack and it’s gonna be $34. this is a large be beat like you know just bag. I mean it’s like a canvas bag it is $30. I just come with like I think another pouch and I’m like a travel pouch and there’s two and one there here’s an Aldo and $25.

I think we’ve seen this one this is gonna be 30. here look at this one this is different marked New York has like plastic on the side a chain and this is gonna be 37 for this. so I found another fanny pack nine dollars. you know like a gold holo and it is by t-shirt and jeans so we’ve seen that look at this baby one. I think this is a backpack oh no that’s not a backpack. I thought it was and it’s going to be $30 for this one a lot of these bags. we’ve seen haven’t seen this one this is a pink Tommy like a light pink they’re asking for $33. Jones New York and it’s gonna be 30. here’s this one right here look at that one that is gonna be $35. who’s it by do you like city but look at the hardware that’s really neat you there I like stuff like that. let’s pull this little green guy here no expressions NYC $17 for this little guy.

Alright let’s take a look at some of the makeup bags. now so will not necessarily make a bag you know like you know you could put your makeup in here. here’s a tommy one they’re asking for $16 let me see this print right here get that over this. is 12 and this is the Adrian and you get 2 so 2 what is this one we have. I don’t know who is this buy this is $15. here you get like um a little one a bigger one. in like a smaller one, Amy Amy kissing booth that’s her and we have another on BB one .this one looks like you have three it is like a tropical flower print and then there’s a bigger ones .and they’re asking for $20 here is just a plastic one you know black and silver $8. like a plastic makeup wristlet. whatever you want to do with that and then we have like another one put the gold handles and this one is gonna be twelve thirteen dollars. I don’t know who let’s fight oh this is perfect image right here. here is more you know plastic. this is my perfect image this gonna be $8.99. so we’ll just say nine we do have another Tommy one like a make up travel case. I said that looks like and it’s gonna be seventeen dollars. here is a juicy one a black bag ten, you know to store your make it for people who like juicy.I saw a juicy cakes here we go. here’s a juicy one Juicy Couture here and it says kiss my Couture Stay Gold juicy. can we flip how much that is on top $14 and the glitter handle camera. so it looks like going inside that looks like okay. just a simple one and it does have a beer.there you go and it does have a mirror.

All right what are we else do we have here let’s just wrap it up here.I got Chi air $50 what’s this one yellow.yellow $20 that one um friend of me it’s gonna be 22. everything’s a little mixed up here, curling iron look at that house like the holo rainbow effect.If you like stuff like that, and this one wow I don’t see a price do you see price sir. am I missing it ? I’m probably like a foot in my grave 18. okay that’s gonna be 18 for this one just a simple one $17. so here’s another jelly bag here this is perfect image. I’m thirteen dollars so this is the first time. I sing this to jelly type here and it’s not just like the clear one get PVC. this is just like a big jelly sandal. so this one this really neat and different. so how much I say it was 13 you guys and it’s perfect image so that’s the brand if you want to look for that oh right you guys.

I’m gonna end this video, here and it’s still classy it’s still messy. but look at that one can we open that it doesn’t have the brand on that makeup. I don’t know who it’s fine here’s another one Caesar to find it. okay this is just some jail because medic I believe but that’s a nice. I think the color effects on that. I’m gonna see a lot of things stuff here. okay you guys that is it for this video here and Ross. we saw some new bag some new clear ones oh wow I’ve seen this one at UM Burlington alright you guys. I hope all of you have a great day a great night wherever you are look at this weird one.I just saw love Betsy, of course right seven dollars that’s like a shark a noise is a wristlet something really different. I’m gonna go ahead and end this video. here you guys thank you so much for watching and I will see in the next video you.

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