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Whether you’re traveling to remote areas or locations with no guarantee of access to electricity. It always feels better and safer to bring your own power. Introducing the solar panel backpack from joe and lid. This backpack ensures that you stay connected with family friends or business partners. No matter where you are with no complicated setup or environmental impact. It provides you with effortless power now. You don’t have to hesitate when trekking out into the wild or going off grid to write that novel in a remote cabin with our new innovative backpack. You can tap into the sun’s endless energy supply at any time this 10 watt.

Solar panel backpack is the best accessory for anyone who’s always on the go the third generation. Solar panel will give you the power that your smartphone or tablet needs. The fabric is water resistant and has a twenty litre capacity. So, you can easily fit your laptop and other items that you might need inside. The anti-theft lock ensures that your luggage is protected and best of all. The sleek design will fit into any situation as it doesn’t give off a high tech impression and the joe and lid notebook. Power bank is the perfect accessory for your solar panel backpack it can store all that solar energy without slowing you down the power bank has a battery with the capacity of 9,000 milliamps. You can keep track of the battery level while charging just attach your power book with the micro usb cable located inside the backpack. So, if you’re ready for the freedom to go anywhere and still have the power you need to work. The solar panel back pack is ready for you check out our website and order yours today.

Mens Backpacks for work

You might be wondering, why we call this a speed backpack well traditional backpacks are very slow to take things out of them because you basically have to take them off your back in order to get anything from them. The way we designed this backpack is that you don’t have to take it off to get anything from it. So, this is how it works. You have two pockets to get your most frequently used items such as your keys, the pan, and maybe a phone. So with one movement you can access basically anything from your backpack, from smaller items to larger items such as your sunglasses or even your laptop. You also have another flap on the other side. So you can have access to even more items, such as your hard drive usb or anything else you need access to. You also have four pockets for your metrocard or any other fast access card.

You might need traditional step through bags compromise on fast access. Our patent-pending design allowed us to make it that group without compromising the fast axis since all the zippers are hidden behind these three flaps. There’s no way to access them if the backpack is against your back. However, when you need to access anything from it, it’s super fast. You just pull those flaps and off you go. This means you have really fast access without compromising security, since comfort is one of our top priorities. We decided to use the same material used in astronaut suits on everything. That goes against your skin to help you regulate temperature.

We also made huge air flow channels on your back to help you regulate your temper as well before. They have had the problem of booting a backpack and having one strap longer than the other. This is really annoying. We solve this problem by using a pulley system that automatically distributes the load and blows shoulders to guarantee the perfect balance at all times. We really want this backpack to be with you at all times meaning has to survive the most extreme conditions, but also look cool. We use the best nylon fabrics from the market including a ballistic nylon on the bottom to make it as resistant as possible. We really hate the hustle of having to put a cover on a backpack. If the rain catches your guard that’s why we made it rain resistant by using the best ykk zippers that are water-resistant to help your contents be dry at all times. We also design these backpack to be super friendly to pack. So, you can go for a trip without leaving anything important at home. We made it super expandable from 20 to 35 litres and really customizable. You can carry anything that doesn’t fit inside your bag. We have four different pockets and different straps that you can use to attach basically anything.

In 2015 we created the go bag because we believe when you pack less you experience. More thanks to the kickstarter community a project was funded go back to ships to every corner of the globe and have traveled to every continent. Now, we’re back and we have something awesome to show you our new backpack first. Of course, it’s carry-on size no waiting around to check in your luggage. No delays, no lost baggage, and no extra fees pack small think big wouldn’t it be awesome if you could pack for a week-long trip in one carry-on bag well. Now, you can thanks to our max pack bag. Our vacuum system enables you to pack all sorts of gear into a tiny space. When you’re out on the roads easy access to all your essentials is vital.

We designed the main zip to be over two and a half meters long. So, there are now six different ways to open your pack move quickly through airport security with our fully welded wash bag and thoughtful organization elements. We’ve also integrated stowable shoulder straps at hidden pockets and many more features designed to make your life on the road simple. These design elements have been realized using rugged components from renowned manufacturers. We’ve spent over a year refining the design selecting materials and testing samples. The result is something we can’t wait to share with you all. We need is you to make it happen again join us on this journey to create the perfect bag for your next adventure.

There are also some uses of spots in your bag to work. I will explain you about it. Both bags include a new celeb drop proof laptop storage secret and secure pockets for your passport credit cards or travel cards and our patented locking system. It allows the bag to be locked to something and lock shut. Instead of being worried about someone taking your stuff. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on what support in the backpack specifically. There’s really cool features like this priority pocket for your everyday essentials. Those magnetic closures making it super fast to close the bag and not worry about it following it. There’s an easy access usb port powered by the solar bank. So, you can charge your phone on the go super organized storage pockets on the inside and custom hardware to double through the bottle over on the shoulder bag. There’s quick access directly to the ports in the solar vein. There’s a nice big pocket for your cables, so they don’t get tangled up with everything special pocket for your glasses or sunglasses soft plush handles easy strap. So, you can mount it onto your suitcase special hook for your keys and of course a bottle opener. We have obsessed over every element of these bags and we’re so confident of the quality that we’re giving them a 5 year guarantee and a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantees for all of our backers in kickstarter. We are everyman and it’s our goal to bring true modern convenience to the things. We carry and we’re excited to introduce you to the hideout pack everyday commute carry and travel backpack.

The hideout pack eliminates the need for multiple bags for work commute travel and everyday with convenient organization with indestructible materials. It has proven to be the most versatile bag. We’ve ever used classic design holds up to modern life and is backed by our design for life guaranteed for over 12 months. We’ve prototyped and feel tested and the far reaches of typhoon season japan. An underwater mishap in the colorado river countless flights every day commutes to work and even in record-breaking california raid. The hideout pack truly is indestructible the pu line 1680 ballistic nylon exterior and an 800 gram pvc base are both widely known and trusted for being strong durable and waterproof materials. The vertical front zip gives access to large laminated mesh wall pockets. These are the perfect place to store a dslr dirty clothes on the northern eider or to put some separation, between your valuables and a water with convenient multi-access compartments pack your back. However, you like and still have instant access to everything inside.

In addition to wall pockets, there’s organization for all your carry essentials multiple internal pockets for accessories. A quick access top pocket for small valuables hidden passport wallet pocket charger headphone access port fleece line sunglass pocket and two keychain clips. The hideout pack also features a felted will tsa approved laptop sleeve no need to remove your laptop. At the airport just zip it open lay it on the conveyor belt and go. We are boundary our team emerged from outlandish ideas dreaming big and disregarding boundaries setting our sights on developing our own products. We sourced low-impact mills and innovative factories for over 15 months. We prototyped ideas to relieve the pain of using separate bags for work travel and photography.

You using blue sign materials and blue sign factories. We produced the prima system to make life more comfortable. The prima is water resistant stain proof and exceptionally durable. A water-resistant compartment holds a 15-inch laptop and our innovative field space elastic pockets and hypalon dividers store. Any tool or charger helping you stay effortlessly organized, while on the move integrated into the main compartment and accessible through. The side zip is the verge case the prima’s waist belt attaches and converts into the verge’s shoulder strap padded sidewalls and flexible dividers and a base zip triples the verge’s capacity to simultaneously store travel gear and camera equipment with the 21 litre capacity. The scrubber stealth pack is your new travel day pack, but even before you depart you can use it to pack smaller simply feel while unclip expel air and tighten with the shoulder straps.
Otherwise, use the scrubber stealth pack as your lightweight carry-on for air travel see the sights. While keeping gear dry and at night use it to wash your clothes just that water and cleaning work good expel air and rub clothes against the inner washboard wings in the bag and hang to dry, saving both money and time it. When outdoors, you can use this weatherproof backpack to wash clothes anywhere without poison rivers and lakes. Here’s the compression function to shrink down sleeping bags and bulky jackets or click the stealth pack on tier hiking backpack.

The extra weatherproof storage and finally you can even use this rubber stealth pack as a camp shower in our backpacks. We carry our most important belongings. But sometimes, the most important things are the easiest to forget how nice would it be to receive a notification. When you’re leaving one of your possessions behind lay your backpack alert. You meet the t-track bye you start by tagging your items and registering them using the app from there. You can create lists for your different activities by switching between your lists the t-track knows what you need and you can be sure you’re ready for any situation. If you happen to forget something it will alert you through its vibrating sensor and it push notification on your smartphone. We’ve also included a usb charger. So, you never run out of batteries and a built-in lock so you can work from anywhere with peace of mind. If you forget you’re back somewhere simply check.

The last seen location on the app in addition to its tracking capabilities. We’ve loaded the t track with features that in our experience have proven to be consumer favourites for many years in the market after the bobby anti-theft backpack and the bobby compact comes the bobby beers a multifunctional bag. That lets you carry around your digital office safe and comfortable. As a digital nomad office is wherever you go your whole professional life fits inside one backpack. So, better make sure it’s safe to carry around on the go. It’s a comfortable solid and water upon backpack that features easily accessible pockets for metrocards phone and earphones. Of course, it’s impossible to steal or cut open due to the hidden zippers and knife proof in a layer got an important meeting coming up.
Let’s work on that first impression. The shoulder straps are easily hidden to turn your backpack into a professional briefcase. The bobby beers is designed to keep your fragile belongings safe vertically. It only opens up to 45 degrees to prevent items from falling out but for organizing your belongings into the many protective pockets. It opens up all the way working from a coffee shop has its downsides, but the bobby beers keeps your stuff secure while you’re picking up your mocha latte. A steel wire construction makes it impossible to cut away your bag although being on the move. All day doesn’t wear you out it does drain your phone. The bobby beers features an integrated usb charging solution for your devices.

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