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Hi guys, I brought coals and we’re checking out their back to college stuff and I’ll be picking up my daughter tomorrow, and taking her out. so we’ll show you what we find with her as well, but these are so cute and they have all kinds of cute little pillows here. I’ll show you the price for this stuff but they have them and like all kinds of different prints. they have these glittery ones, these have little paw prints on them, let’s see these are really pretty. I like the colors on those and then they have these tea and ivory color ones, with the paw prints as well and this chair here is 120 dollars, I’m not going to sit down in there because I probably won’t get up. we’ll be able to get up and then a little side table and a little table lamp let’s see with the price on these 50 dollars, and look it’s got the USB plug in there. as well but they’re probably on so like everything else here is always on, so maybe we’ll come across the more and it’ll have the actual self rice on there. ooh these are pretty let’s see 39.99 dollars and then see these are on so for $20 and these are the big ones and they’re really pretty. and then they have these big body pillows and they are $9.99, as well and then they have some cute little pillow cases to go over those and then they have these type of pillows here and then you can throw in your bed, or whatever. look at this one it’s a little candy these are $20, as well I need one of these right and check out the little speaker.

I’m surprised all this I don’t see the price let’s check out what’s on the other side. they have this kind of chair right here, I don’t see the price on that okay it’s $80 I see it it’s on sale market down from 120 there’s some more of these. let’s see butterfly chair is $47.99 they have purple white and like a teal color here’s. those side tables we just seen these are $50 they’re on sale and then they have these for 20 some more little pillows and then they have this bedding here. that’s the kind of like the ocean stuff it’s a sea Sun Sand bedding set and they have some little pictures here’s, those ones that you put the letters on yourself take 50% off though. they have some little lava lamps they’ve got the nightlight the smaller of the lamps and the bigger lamps down, there and then the salt crystal lamps these are all 25% off. here our prices and then here’s those little table lamps for these, are the ones I don’t see the so price still surely they wouldn’t be this $50 because cozies everything on so that’s this stone there Jim okay so we are checking out in the backpacks these are adidas and I will show you what their prices are running.

Kohls Backpacks

We getting the glare you guys, can you see it there. you just gonna kind of walk through and show you. I’m not going to pick up every bag and go you know there’s just so many bags they’ve got like four or five different racks of different brands. this this color is really pretty, I like that. let’s see and then you use with the peach this is pretty – I love the gray with the green. I think that looks good I like the peach, peach is one of my favorite colors and they have like this mauve color here. look at that one, this one’s pretty. see this one reminds me of the 80s doesn’t that remind you guys, are the eighties thumbs up for the eighties y’all we all loved eighties. eighties were a good time okay so these are the Nike. let me start off in the front for you, they have a bunch of lunch bags and these lunch bags are tall. they’re not like wide, so very cute. let’s see here’s some prices for while they had a bunch of bottles here the other day and various colors, but they only have like four left now.

Then here’s the lunch tote prices, and they have a bunch of different prints. I really like this polka dot one, this one’s definitely my favorite that’s pretty. and then I’ll show you the prices on some of the book bags let’s see they’ve got red and maroon, blue black and then there’s a grey and these. Maybe these are a medium size they have, some that are a little bit bigger than these. and then they have some are a little bit smaller and then they also have the traditional rectangle lunch boxes. as well, let’s get some prices on these. I like that one that’s pretty they are super crowded, there you also right sorry for all those loud racket in the background and then here’s some more prices. I like that right this one that’s like really bright to somebody mixed in an adidas bag over here, but we already looked at the adidas back that doesn’t go here. I think is right here are kind of like the medium size as well that’s pretty. we have a lot of polka dots this year, we already seen these up front and these are your larger ones. these are pretty big let’s check out the prices on these trying to get it without little air.

Okay, now this is the Fela section Kohl’s. has all of their backpacks and lunch bags, broke up into different sections. so they’re pretty and easy to find. I cannot believe how crowded they are, let’s see that price box is out. they have some nice-looking bag because these look like they’re pretty good quality for the price they’re 45% off onese for $21.99. really Wow, and here’s the lunch bags $20, but I’m sure they’re on sale to me . he had the lunch bags are on sell for $12.99 and they the backpacks do coordinate with the lunch bags as well. those match very good and then last but not least, we are doing the transport here. I’ll show you the prices up here again those things are so bad about the glare and let me go through here and show these to you. they have some really cute ones, out this year like this one right here this is gotta be my favorite. I really like that one and this one right here. I like that one as well and then they have just the plain black ones down there, this one’s kind of just like to paint the fluorescent colors paint splashes and bachlin pineapples and then a tropical theme.

We were here a couple days ago, when they were putting these down and the prices weren’t. this cheap on them so the practice on the backs will come down this week. I’ll show you the prices on these even these are cheaper Brian and they were like them. we came but it looks like a lot of people have already raided them because I had a lot more than the other day. this is pretty ,so you guys have been asking us we’ve gotten a lot of messages people asking us to do the back-to-school giveaway. we weren’t going to wait until we hit 5000 subs to do a giveaway. however we’ve been receiving so many messages that we are going to go ahead and do back-to-school giveaway and so stay tuned for a future video. for details on that just make sure you come back to our channel, so that you can possibly win but yeah well let you know as soon as we have all the details on it. I like that one that’s so pretty ok you guys we’re gonna get out of here. thanks for watching like subscribe have a great day y’all thanks.

Don’t disturb if my tongue is blue. I just say my own frozen yogurt with my best sister. so today we’re doing a haul of what I bought at H&M in the children’s place. but the HTM’s bag is not here, because I thought this was much cuter. but it was my grandma’s birthday. so we went to the mall and there are going to be clips of us at the mall inserted. now so stay tuned and you’ll see what I got insert clips. yeah whoo it’s hot out here because then we can get grandma for $10 there’s a pencil case of Panda. I see you can wear one in the East to school because you can get the mommy’s apartment. I can’t put my mic at high levels in here.

Hey mommy you can take this off ,and it could be a normal water bottle bug. oh look at these shorts there’s Hugh. I don’t want to be short probably fit you. I don’t know a trans are you okay Emily? let’s monitor you get this one’s. the one that fits me, I would have to use a tamper all because you can see the black this shirt because this one’s really soft and this one’s really cute. I’m gonna get this you proposed in July these are kind of kinks but they got big. I can like tie it up like how I carry myself ten dollars 30% off. time sugar pardon firstly about behind the cameras, why do they have schools open and the others.

Okay guys, so now lets open for what I got at the Children’s Place. so they were having to sell it like they had shirts and shorts and skirts and I was all for $4 so 399. so I got two shirts, so I got this black shirt that says it’s cool to me and I think it was really cute and so at first I was looking at this woman. I’m like the one that I really wanted because I thought it was super cute, but they didn’t have my size. but then I went to try on the rest of the clothes and on the size, I thought it was my size didn’t fit me. so I had to get a size bigger which it was those sizes they had it in this. so I thought it was really summery and super cute .

So that’s what I got at the Children’s Place next for H&M. was like they had also a really good sale,there was like a rack those full of clothes. for $4 and then I got one that was at $6 so this is $6 $5.99 to be exact and it’s super cute like all stuff at H&M. have you ever noticed at all this stuff at H&M, always says Brooklyn New York Los Angeles like all the turrets didn’t happen. like um-hmm half I own it don’t know why but yes and is it a crop top but it’s really cute but it’s kind of loose on me because I wanted it to be loose not tight. and then I got another crop top, I was wearing this in the video that I unbox what I got from dresslink.

So I’ll be linked in the description, so just this black shirt with white right here I can’t really show you this good but I got was really cute. it look like a baseball jersey, you know like those big sweater is it. are like one color and the other color. I just thought it was really cute because my family like softball and baseball family. so next for the last thing it probably might favorite thing it’s the most comfortable thing ever. so I follow this last minute and I was because they had two other ones that they got this and but I don’t like that one. so I didn’t get it but I got this one and it’s super cute. it has Tigers I’m gonna save their Tigers and roses and a two hearts, cherries little hearts. don’t know what that says but there’s a lot of cute things and it is so comfortable. it’s so comfortable so if you guys are looking for something comfortable guys,or you gonna go on a trip this summer definitely suggest getting this to the cub material. it’s so nice and I hope you guys enjoy this video .the shout-out today goes to and share with your friends and family, and subscribe to our channel to become part of the forever family. so peace out and box and Instagram I sister forever 2016 if you have Instagram .thank you!

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