Good Backpacks for College

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, so this background is a little funky. Basically, I had no plans on coming today. I am currently in the process of moving from my apartment to my new house. And I was supposed to have a group delivering furniture today and then they ended up being like four hours late. so I was hesitant to make this video because, this room is definitely not ready. there might be some holes in the wall behind me, the air conditioning is broken, and it just keeps going. so if you’re a strange gurgling,that is my hair is dirty.

So you know Here I am, anyway I just trying to apologize because looking like a trash bag, anyways today I want to show you what’s in my school backpack video and this is obviously for college. Because I am a college student. And I thought that could be helpful for kind of showing you guys. what it calls didn’t need to my backpack like obviously is different for everyone, but there’s just stuff that I use it my self. the most I didn’t put something here that will actually use obviously. I’m not currently using this because it’s summer, for me but they want show you the backpack and stuff that I use in it. and we’ll be using this year also really quickly. if you guys, are not following me on social media and want to keep up with me on what personal,l I will put it here on the screen and I will also put my other handles down in the description box.

Good Backpacks for College

Okay, I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s on my backpack is, and basically the main thing that I’ve learned throughout the years is to buy a backpack that is because functional. I remember, when I was in a school, I would bought a backpack just for the looks of them. Because of my decision to bought them from the looks, it were literally have torn or break within the first month of having them. so I kind of transitioned out of that phase,, and I’m not saying I’m buying the ugly backpack but, I’m buying backpacks that I think are practical and will hold all the stuff that I needed to hold. Because in college, you carry a laptop and that’s heavy.

This year, I am using the North Face backpack. I think since the woman’s recon, when I put the name on the screen and I got this from bag arrived or erected basically. They have all the best backback brands they have and whatnot bags accessories. Anyway that’s why I got this one the prices on there are seriously the best, and they just went down below. I will also put link them down below ,but seriously if you are looking for a backpack for back-to-school and you want a wide variety and you want the best brand,just chek on the link I put below.

The North Face backpack have a great series, we have such a wide variety and they have very good quality backpacks. So you know, once you get a real last you a long time. So I choose this North Face backpack because, I think it just looks nice and basic and also have amazing quality. And I just know that this will never really like go on a pile. All I am did not like this, it’s literally black with the white logo.

So I guess, I’m just going to go through it and show you the stuff that I keep in. I’m gonna start off with this main top pocket, which is the laptop compartment in this backpack. so I love is the back of it. it’s flat and hard so it’s made for laptop just in. My laptop I’m not going to take it out of the case right now. I have a macbook 15 inch is that’s the biggest one I have. the biggest one it’s a few years old. this little folder is from society 6. I will link this down below I love this,it’s perfect they come in different sizes.

it’s padded cute it’s great and even if you do have a super sturdy backpack like that. one you will want a laptop case because these puppies are expensive. Because it would be main thing I bring to class, Because black helps are necessity in college at least the college’s I am convinced. so yeah as you can see, here this is like a specific pocket for your laptop but this whole back thing is very straight and it will keep its shape.

Okay we’re going on into this next compartment this is where I have my school supplies okay to the island arrive .I use a lot of tools supplies, because I mainly use my laptop. but the school supplies that I use is just a brain folder because if I get any loose hand out there why not I pop them in here. honestly that could be more organizing this they kind of tend to pile up. but this is just what I’ve used forever. it’s kind of deformed use of doing and then I also have a five star and O land,or just some sort of big notebook with a lot of loose-leaf notebook papers. so that if I need to buy anything on paper, I just pull this out. I don’t have one needs to be twelve because like I said everything is really done on the laptop. so this is just used once in a while and really from last year, and you can see like how much I have. so here’s these a ton but I like to have them, because I’ve used on once in a while.

Also in here I have a pencil pouch. this is also consider I will link it in two then sold as a pencil pouch you can get these in a bunch of different sizes. but I just use it as a pencil pouch, so once again I don’t use pens and pencils too often. I would say use them more than I used on other team so normally I would keep a few tens, and pencils in here. I always use mechanical pencil I feel like my handwriting better with a pencil, I don’t know I feel like I’m the minority in that so everyone’s pens. but I’m here, to throw kind of a pencil and then I also have my calculator which is kind of why I really haven’t used this.and I have it somewhere cool so why not okay the last few things, that I would keep in this big pocket would be my charger that being my macbook charger an old man iPhone charger which is charging over there. actually I didn’t really bring this. last year and I want five percenters ready because you don’t know how many times.

I’m on the class and open my laptop. it has Explorer percent so definitely bringing a laptop charger are kind of bulky and heavy but seriously it’ll be a lifesaver good to moving on. to this little top pocket here,I just have first of all some band aids. I have a lot of shoes, and I like wearing cute shoes to attending the class and I know it’s stupid wearing a new pair of shoes and walking to the class. I always bring band aids because I’m always having blisters on my feet or you know any other necessities are good to have. I also have a little thing of hand sanitizer, and individuals needed to women, like bath and body utilities.but I still have it so I’m strong whit it smell good and you know it’s just something that you always want to have on your hands and so gross. and I have my most important thing all over my laptop, I am needs lipbalm, at least once an hour my lips are so dry and if I don’t have lipbalm on my lips, I feel wrong like something is not right. comment on below if you guys feel the same but literally I need lipbalm so I need to have one more in my bag at all times over here.

In this bag is so many ,and I almost forgot to show you what I have. and these ones, like second biggest compartment. I just put in this this one here, in this a little bit compartment I just put some feminine products. so I just have tampons panty liners, and ibuprofen. I remember in high and I get cramps that really horrible cramps. so I always need to have ibuprofen and it’s always good to have it. you know if you like a headache, or if your friend either,you can give them it. So we’re going on my front of pocket, this is where I would keep my phone. this is kind of just where I keep the things that I need to have like brighten hands reach so I would also throw my wallet in there.

This is the one I’m using currently it’s little Tory Burch wallet and I’ll link it down below. if I can find it because it’s small and also has a spot for cash you need it. but I just like really small than Marc Jacobs one and I just could never use it especially, because all my bags or small. certainly fit so this one is great.and then in here and also headphone. I have two pairs of headphones in here. I’m always listening music when I’m walking from class to another class, or if I’m alone on campus and I feel bored sometimes. I’ll just buy iphone bang or I’m editing a video, or watching video or anything it’s just like headphones and necessity as well. so you would be in my front pocket. using on to people’s pockets they’re super loud I have supposing a mints or gum i everybody dumb on me when I was bring this backpack.

Something you know, if you’re talking of a cute boy on campus. like what not on this side and all necessarily know,this is where I proceeded but Institute arrows sunglasses – guys I’ve no idea what parodies are I pulled. the nod when the boxes I had here so let’s see okay.

You got my club master one I don’t want even so long. I don’t know if they look around me anymore. I don’t know let me know what you think anyways I always want to money for that one thing and secondly you know for me. I always run into people that I don’t want to be on campus.I don’t want to see it. I see them I feel like if it weren’t sunglasses they won’t know that I see that. and I often tell myself that if I’m wearing sunglasses people won’t recognize me. not like recognize me from you – I just mean like people I doubt not with me, so maybe that’s a weird reason I don’t.

All of you know here the same way yes so that is everything in my little North Face backpack once again I’ve got a bag will be linked down below. I really like it, I’m really excited to use this I know this is something that will be great for just overnight trips. as well the quality of so many things I don’t even know if I showed you the back of it. but it looks like this they have this in a bunch of different colors. so I’ll be left flooring the knee and you want to get black, there are lots of colors and we can’t win. let me know you’re right this is have to be for your backpack for College, because maybe I’m forgetting some things. we’ll let me know otherwise I love you guys so so much and thanks for watching bye .

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before you decide, easy bid presents the 10 best backpacks for college. let’s get started with the list starting of our list.

At number 10. the sauces in laptop bag offers an external USB interface. so you can easily charge your phone or tablet polymer curve though on the smaller side. is a great option for those who need to transport a lot of accessories and want to keep them separate and organized. it comes with hidden rear pockets and a front clip to attach keys. however it doesn’t come with a charger.

At number 9, the water and scratch resistant max point business pack. is designed to keep your items safe and separate with an organizer compartment featuring multiple dividers. as well as a laptop sleeve and a hidden zippered pocket, for storing important papers it’s a group with shockproof padding and a three digit padlock.but it’s too small to carry several textbooks coming in.

At number 8, the case logic Deluxe evolution. Has pouch big enough for a water bottle and a key fob loop, for easy access to your keys or swipe card. They also has a headphone slot for cords connected to a phone or music player, includes a secure hidden compartment and large exterior pockets. However, it can’t accommodate large laptops. our newest choices. can only be seen at go there now and search for backpack college or simply click beneath this video.

At number 7, I was forced to Tramp through rainy campuses. this out joy airbag shockproof, with a special waterproof cover hidden at the bottom of the pack. In case of unexpected thunderstorms it also has a detachable. chest strap for extra support when hauling heavy books. it comes with two main compartments and a sturdy tough handle. but it’s attachment points are weak moving a perilous tournaments.

At number 6, the Swiss gr-18 lightweight. has a media port for phone cables. as well as an airflow system with padding and ventilation, that will add spine support and keep you cool as you hoof it. across campus a strap fully encloses your laptop for added protection. it features a holder for glasses a cell phone compartment on the shoulder and a padded tablet sleev offer up.

At number 5, the Victoria tourist laptop v6. developed to is constructed out of durable ballistic nylon and has divided Pockets. to keep all your belongings separate the check fast sleeve folds down for a quick easy passage through airport security when carrying a attaches easily to upright luggage and provides excellent padding and back Support. but there’s no water bottle holder.

At number 4, the Under Armor storm hustle, is water resistant to make sure your electronic devices won’t get wet. While it also designed not to retain excessive body heat. this is a sleek compact choice for anyone who needs to move around town efficiently. boasts five exterior pockets to side water bottle holders and an abrasion resistant bottom nearing the top.

At number 3, the brinch unisec. It was designed with busy students in mind. it capable of accommodating multiple books in its roomy main compartment.and also sports three outer pockets for items of various sizes. as extra padding for maximum comfort it comes with a cushioned computer sleeve a panic cooling airflow system. it’s made of a scratch resistant materials. our newest choices can only be seen at wiki go there now and search for backpacks for college or simply click beneath this video.

At number 2, the classic JanSport. big student series features ergonomics curve shoulder straps and a front utility pocket, with audio electronics organizer. this top-rated model is available in a variety of colors and comes from a trusted brand. it boasts zippered stash pockets a fully padded back panel and accommodates laptops up to 17 inches and taking the top spot on.

Our higher list numer 1 . education is all about reinventing yourself and graduating from the simple unimpressive banks of your high school days to something like the West’s Bronco cowhide de pack. is a strong first step toward your adult life. it’s made from imported Italian leather with a well-organized interior and a one-year warranty. our newest choices can only be seen at go there now and search for backpacks for college or simply click beneath this video.

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