Girl Backpacks for High School

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Hey guys, I’m with my cousin today ,her name is Abigail. And she is a freshman this year, and I’m a senior. we thought would be fun to do a freshman versus senior, what’s in my backpack. because what is in our backpacks are totally different. I can lifted my backpack with one hand, but my cousin can’t. oh this will be so interesting not further ado, let’s just hop in my smallest pocket. I have an empty one of these, in my last video, I talked about how ready I am for fall and then these came out these little pumpkin. do you know what these are, oh my gosh they’re so good. they’re little like pumpkin treat things from that like really unhealthy brand of sweets, that you get from the store in packages and I ate one and I’ve got another one in there.

It’s still August but I’ve got a blueberyy lipbalm. I have earphones, I have a gum wrapper, I have classic bubble gum of another gum wrapper.And my favorite is, I have in my little pocket up here. I have a hairbrush, I have a gum but it’s been like squished by all the big binders in my bag. I have my rubber bands for my braces.Then I just have this with extra pencils in it and more gum wrappers.then I have note cards a granola bar and post-it notes and a lotion nice.

Girl Backpacks for High School

So now, move on to like not my biggest pocket. I have a half trick in water bottle that’s always good hydration station. I have a snack, I ate them when I get really hungry at school. I have more gum, I have some cards too. I usually I don’t know where my brush is, but I usually leave a brush in here but I don’t know where, so that’s all I have in this little pocket. there’s a mini pocket, on the inside of my bag and in there I just have headphones. I usually keep my phone in there, I keep my phone on my desk and a wrapper.

Well now on to my biggest pocket, first thing I grab is my pencil case. this is probably the only Ipsy bag that I actually use. so I use the pink and black one. I don’t know I just have colorful pens and pencils, so that’s what I keep in there. then I have a books with recommended quality,it’s like learning about yourself and personal, like boundaries and stuff. I’m only on page 59 ,so then I have my planner in there. which is it’s actually cute, I used to the tiny one, but I thought I’d try a big one to see if I like it and then figure out. which one I like and so far I’m liking the big one better .

I’ve got this binder and it’s got this folder in the front of my papers. that are falling out because I didn’t actually put it in the folder. because I’m lazy and I literally for my event planning class at school. which is the only class I have at my high school, because the rest of the class is taking our like dual enrollment. so they’re at college so that’s currently the only class I have right now and it’s great because I have yet to do one thing as homework. this whole school year not me, so I’ll leave one binder in my bag. and then I’ve got my laptop in my laptop case because I use that for event planning because we have to do a lot of like designing and stuff.

But take an hour for my backpack, oh my gosh okay here’s my pencil case and colored pencils and highlighters. yeah I use their color pencils a lot last year. I’ll start with my first one, in its speech. so I have a two inch binder for how’d you get two inch. she told us to get you oh my god that scared me yeah I never listen to the teachers no matter how big of a binder.I had the only class I listened in with this one and I really like and then I got a folder. I’ve got a folder for every class to go along with my binder. my next class is old history oh yeah that that classes who knows I loved. it though like I just have a black folder go along with back class and then this is not like ruined. I haven’t written it yet, but I have a notebook for that class to my next class is algebra. her algebra teacher is my soccer coach so I know him dividers for that too shouldn’t watch fun.

I don’t know why you should have watched my tips for organizing. all I did should have gotten those dividers. they’re the best there’s no dividers. Erica tear these yep bill tear finding it by the end of the year end to the semester. Maybe I’m just I’m a really rough person though so that could be why I have a gray folder. we go along with my gray binder, then we have a composition book. I hate composition notebook it’s through what the graph for algebra. here’s the textbook we have to carry around and it weighs a ton and we use that a lot. I have a folder for art so we made folders and art so this is kind of pointless. but it has part of syllabus in here, you said it has my syllabuses and stuff is that what I said yeah if it’s plural it’s syllabi which is done.

Okay cut that out so in here I had my where’s that from Target and then my I messed up. in this so many times because I watched your tips video. I did each class in a different color why can’t I find it so I did that but I always mess up. because I always mess up writing a pin me too and that’s when all my assignments. that’s it now it’s completely empty. see you packed up in five seconds and I’m still on the first page. I think I’ve used my binder in school one time guys. I hope you enjoyed this video and subscirbe my channel if you haven’t already and if you like this video please like this and I will see you guys in my next video bye.

Hey guys welcome back to our family, nest it has been so yucky outside. all day look how much water on our pool cove,r and we pretty much have a little look. we got tiny pond here for the dogs, could go swimming. this can’t be good for our house, either so actually looks like the Sun is peeking out over there. for the first time, today but it has been raining non-stop. Tory won’t even go the bathroom, she’s just trying to avoid it right now. that’s the tow yard it’s kind of a wreck. right now yucky and we only have let’s see seven four days. today is Tuesday,tommorow is Wednesday, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

We have six more days of vacation, and they start school on Tuesday. so this is not the kind of weather that I was hoping for.this last week a summer break, so of course this doesn’t compare to the devastation that’s going on in southern Texas. I was actually watching that on CNN early this morning, and it just breaks your heart watching these people trying to get their animals safely out of their home and finding shelters and places to go. so they can sleep and eat and maintain their jobs and I just can’t even imagine and it’s really scary to think, that kind of stuff can happen at any time to any number of people. and I think they said they’ve already rescued like thirty five hundred people just in the past couple days. so she’s eating that dirt, actually we are going to have the kids share what’s in their backpacks for today’s vlog.

This is probably the one, two, three, fourth time we’ve filmed this video. how many times do you think we’ve done this video? three fourth mm-hmm you guys are gonna be able to see the huge difference between a girl’s backpack and a boys backpack. all right, so the first is carly’s backpack. she decided gonna carry your old very Bradley backpack. if you guys have ever bought a beer a Bradley backpack before, you would know they last forever. I actually used that backpack Norwood to Chicago last time. I always grab one of her backpacks because, they’re so nice. she have her backpack that she got from Staples, but by the time she put her Chrome book and everything in there. it won’t even like close up as a top, so she’s just gonna save that backpack for like sleepovers and stuff like that.

First, I have a weight binder which is for my first three hours. I I like this because this patient, this is composition notebook no spirals. those I know, they don’t just gotta bend them open real fine and then I’m not gonna write like the subjects own accessories. well you can make you can print papers, remember have the one year you had your dad print papers or your notebooks here’s how I know it is because this is for my first three hours and then after that and then so after your first three hours you can go to your lockers right next to my second hammer it’s like I can go to my first hour. and then I can come back to my locker because I have to go back just go to my locker.

I could get my history journal all right this is for my last two hours. which is bad, because math and science has the best papers but in here I have weekly plan. I’m gonna write down my homework and projects. so I don’t forget because I always end up forgetting and she got this from Staples. she just tore I got these binders tore off what one sheet When do you have spiral notebook sweet subject or my computer which is very dirty and I need a new case. alright open it, up show us what it looks inside you’ve had this come back for how many years all the UM freshmen got brand new computers chase got a brand. mine’s been cracked this Barling keeps coming out and stuff and I told them about it. they said I’ll be fine and then this one is first oh this is the one that I picked out target. all these people were having a cow about in the video remember so we are going to target and Carly was picking out all this black and white stuff.

And I said why don’t you pick up this marble notebook, and she goes that’s best idea yet or something like that. and that’s not nice how did you say it, that’s the best idea you’ve ever had because you usually don’t have very good ideas for all these comments about kindly. so it mean so disrespectfully. that’s currently first of all do you think you were saying it. to try to be mean why were you saying it to me. it glitter was like you were being honest and it didn’t bother me at all people. thought that you were like that’s so mean to say to your mom that she doesn’t have good ideas. well we don’t really agree, My styles of clothes school supplies nothing and that’s okay because I encourage her to have her own taste and her own personality. and I didn’t take offense to it and if I did, I wouldn’t put it in the video and look like whatever people always find a reason to pick on.

Carly no matter what we say or do so enough and then here’s the fattest pencil case you could ever find skinny pencils because after once you lose all your pencils and these are the pencils that if someone asks where you just keep oh yeah exactly and then I have to you mean for math right a lot of people link once you’re in high school a lot of people just use pens all day every day they don’t use pencils at all.

For social studies notes and everything they take their notes with pen. I don’t think they do in high school, though well let’s see what’s in here. she’s got colored pencils, sticky notes, scissors, some erasers and lead ah an erasable. an erasable pen, highlighter, erasable marker,and glue. these are erasable pens you bought those from Staples. I remember that chase took a couple of them in his backpack, so no one can take my glue sticks.
so the one thing that we have to do, this week is figure out what you’re doing for lunches. lunch box lunch bag,I don’t even think we have it anymore. oh you do we’ll get rid of it than if it’s stinky just get rid of it. so you have them for backup, well we still have plenty of supplies over there. here’s our little back to school store. but I had a pile of Stephanie ginger, went shopping in there. the other night picked that one you needed did you all right just dirt your turn.

All right so Chase says this Notre Dame backpack that he bought last year that he wasn’t allowed to use. because you can carry your backpack all around class to class. he’s never even gonna go to his locker he is using this little , he open it up and show us how that works instead of folders he’s got. this little organizer and we use Ken’s label maker and we made all these nice little labels. so see you don’t even have your subjects written on your stuff, but Chase is all organized. and then we did it on the solar or nobody, so what do you got first classes. chase algebra and then you have help but you don’t have a notebook for help two packs of paper. where’s your Chrome book? oh it’s not called the Chrome book if it’s Dell.

So he’s got what do you got chick erasable pens and pencils. so how excited are you for the first day school chase, do you like how much do you like school on a scale of zero to ten. for Charlie seven you like school what do you think Blake’s answer would be he’s just sick of school. yeah he’s got a premium on Notre Dame Becker. I already did it that’s cool oh the calculator. we’re gonna have to get you a new one, so there you go there’s the difference between a boys ninth grade Chase, is gonna be a freshman backpack and Carly’s eighth grade girly. it’s not even really girly because it’s very plain. so they’re two very distinct taste Plain Jane. and I don’t care is it what you would call chases style. I don’t care so very different from our very first what’s in our backpack video that we posted.

Actually we need to look this up, we actually have three different what’s in my backpack videos. one is from three years ago, and then we went from two years ago, one from one year ago and then last year. we actually did what’s in our backpack halfway through the school year. remember how Bessie years was two people said all of those papers all in like one folder. it was a disaster so we’ll actually link those down below in the description. I think that’ll be funny especially if you’re new subscriber our channel, you’ve never seen our videos from three years ago. the kids voices and everything I just so it’s a friend my mom thinks my hair looks bad. I think it looks amazing child what’s wrong with it, it’s like stringy did you guys remember when we went to Costco like a week. a half week ago Curtin’s not me because she’s mean well they only had like gray in blue. you didn’t know anyways so I hung Andrews, they need to be ironed. they don’t built fine they are basically this is what he’s going to do.

Leave them open during the day at night. I really think this reminds me of a hotel, no more sunlight shining in this window. although you don’t have a happy face, this one’s in the back you have the worst I know and you didn’t can. we Curt you and are you guys getting current. I mostly want to keep mine open all the time. so I don’t really want curtains that you can see because, I just don’t really like them .but straighten this it’s trying to nuts. that won’t go any further no it’s like a backdrop for pictures though. I’m nice wrinkly back job when you put your arms up. I know Blake especially is looking forward to having curtains but really the timing couldn’t be any worse because now they’re going back to school.

And they have to get up early question,, so actually you know what I’m gonna have to do before I go to bed every night. and then come upstairs and open their curtain on school mornings because they have to get up early. that doesn’t wake any of us up,Blake said he hates it.he cannot sleep in because it’s too bright. well I know you don’t decide to come up here noon and get you out of bed. don’t you call me alright so I got the curtains done here in Blake’s room they actually turned out pretty nice. I’m pretty good at hanging stuff somehow magically, it’s one thing I don’t mess up. so Blake’s over here with lily and Lily’s got something exciting she got her braces taken. so not everyone gets to see her beautiful smile and you posted a video about it on your and we’ll link her video if you guys aren’t subscribed yet go check out her channel and she’ll tell you all about her braces.

Hey guys so we never ended today’s video, and I just wanted to say thanks for watching. be sure you thumbs it up subscribe and stay tuned for tomorrow’s video. because we’re gonna share with you guys how you can get more involved in doing the intro and the outro for our videos. we just want to do something fun for back-to-school make it a little bit interesting for our kickoff of our fall videos so stick around for the details of that and tomorrow’s video. so question of the day is going to be what is the one thing you’re going to miss. most about being on summer vacation now that you’re either back in school already or going to be back in school soon the number one thing I’m gonna miss is definitely just the weather being outside. this is what’s going on today things like that. what I’m gonna miss just the weather sunshine swimming pool all that so thanks guys for watching and we’ll see you on sit.

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