Girl Backpack for Middle School

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Hi guys… It’s Alisa. Welcome back to my channel. For today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you a back-to-school emergency kit for girls. There are some feminine products and here’s with us. Why I’m titling it for girls? And I’m a girl. This is just stuff that I would bring to nibble school in high school. If there are guys watching this, you can bring any of these things as well like I said. There are going to be some feminine products, so that’s why I’m titling it for girls. So anyway, let’s just get start with this video.

I did talk everything in this duffel bag and I actually got this from VidCon. I personally did not bring like a duffel bag like this to school, but if you have a locker and you just want to bring all of your essentials in a duffle bag or a small little bag just put it in your locker. I think that’s great. So, what first thing is actually not inherited that habit like on the floor, but I would recommend bringing water. Obviously, this is a just for girls that everyone should bring water to school because there are so many people in my school who didn’t bring water to school. They would just forget every single day to bring a water bottle. I’m like how you know you got to stay hydrated. You could also bring every usable water bottle. That’s what most people did sorry. I’m using a plastic water bottle. Oh, heating okay.

Girl Backpack for Middle School

Next are ear buds and I highly recommend bringing these because I was able to listen to music so much. During senior years and also during other years of high school as well. Especially, senior year we have a lot of independent  work time in some of my classes. Next are pads you definitely need these or tampons if you’re a teenage girl who has their period. I got my periods late in high school not going to lie but I need a dude. Next, I have a snack. I highly recommend bringing a snack to school. We had a break in the morning between second and third periods and I was always hungry because by that time I was already at school for like two hours. So, what next is deodorant. I would recommend bringing a mini deodorant. If you have a walker, you could just put it in there or you could just keep it in your backpack.

I had a dance locker because I had dance class every single day and I have to do dirt and my logger. I don’t have one right now but I recommend bringing a mini perfume to school as well just so throughout the day. I really need this but this is a mini lint roller. You can just put this in your locker but I’ll do it keep this in your car. If you’re old enough to drive or if you drive a couple of mints, everyone asked me for mints in high school. I loved icebreakers. They are just amazing. Next is a mirror and you could also just put this in your locker. This might seem kind of weird but I highly recommend bringing Band-Aids to school because you’re clumsy like me. You will need these. These actually came in handy not going to lie. Next is a lip balm and I like the EOS lip off. I really like the mint one 10 out of 10 would recommend it. Next is a portable charger and I actually got this for free in my p.o box.

By the way, I am closing my keep box, so that’s why I has it been in the description box of my videos. I just don’t get enough mail and IKEA box, so I am closing it. You see it an old description box so my videos. Please don’t send mail to that address. I am closing it. I didn’t get this in my p.o box. Months ago, I showed it in a blog and this is not sponsored. This company just wanted to send me these, so this is a pineapple portable charger. And then, I also have a pink pig portable charger. It’s so cute. And also with this, you’re going to need a phone charger. A lot of people brought their own chargers to school and portable chargers for the most part. My cage isn’t really 9. If we charge our ground during off as long as you’re not using it, but you could just plug this in and then put it in your backpack. Next is essential like you need this. This is hand sanitizer. This is a Georgia Peach hand sanitizer from NASA Body Works. I really like it and you don’t want to get sick at school it.

Sucks, I also have some lotion during the wintertime or when the seasons were changing my hands. They still do this. They get really dry, so I would seriously just moisturize in the Middle’s because you can get it. Last is a pack of parrot eyes. I hate to just bring one or two but honestly I will lose them. So, I just recommend getting a full pack like this in your locker or your backpack.

I actually didn’t have a locker in school. I decided and slaughter that is everything. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and definitely be sure to give thumbs up. If you like to subscribe, if you’re new, and if you have any other back to school video requests, and then it comes those down below. Today’s post certification shout-out goes to this person on the screen. And you guys want to shine at my next video all you have to do is subscribe to turn on this post notification. That is about it. Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll talk to you in my next video. Five tips Mary tracks feel like same like everything like why does my voice sound like this.
I love you guys so much and I’ll talk to you in my next video bye guys

However, there are other views about what is going on backpack. Exactly girls’ backpack. I saw a comment saying that I should do a what’s in my backpack. You know who you are, so I thank you for that. I’m just going to get right into it and just show you my backpack. This is like backpack. It’s from the Couture pink. One thing specifically I just want to quickly clarify is yes I have a whole my shirt and yes there are more in the back. So if that annoys you, I am really sorry but I just like that’s all. I want to say that I just want to quickly talk about this backpack.
This one was fifty-five dollars. I know that’s like a lot of for backpacks but I think it’s just really good. It because it has three pockets right here and then one like middle pocket. I feel like that’s a lot of storage and enough to like store stuff. So I think I’m going I could use this for multiple years. Then, I have my little pump, my puff ball right there.

I just want to talk about a couple of the features this backpack. It does have these like pockets and what I like is that. There’s velcro like this. So if you need to put something smaller and other than a water bottle, it will hold it. It won’t fall out. And then, in here we have the little pocket. This backpack is really like light, so like by itself. It has a laptop pocket in the very back perfect for storing laptops. It has like a couple secret Pockets. I think that’s pretty much all. I have to say if I’m missing something. It’s probably, because it’s in my locker. I don’t like to put everything in my backpack because I mean what are lockers for. Anyways, let’s just get right into it. Let’s start in the front pocket. So in the front pocket I only have one thing. That is flashcards.

I know you may think that that’s kind of weird, but I don’t know I get like anxiety about the front pocket because I feel like. For example, you put your phone there and like someone. Accidentally, steps on it or like you throw it or anything. That’s the first thing that’s going to crack and lick your phone. I’d like to store that in like a pocket, in like the actual part of the backpack. That’s going to be a little more protected, but I just have flashcards in here.

I probably will add on some stuff, but I usually have like a bar in here. And then, next thing the next pocket is this one. It just looks like this. So, let me just usually a Henley phone like this middle pocket here. That’s just usually where it is, but right now and then I have like this pencil on the side because in here I have my planner and I like to store it here so it’s like an easy grab just in case because I don’t really want to like go through all my pockets just to find my planner. So, I can quickly write something in there. I have a pencil there. I have my extra gum mints. Honestly, I feel like this is a really baby necessity because after you lunch you’re like if you had like. I don’t know lasagna or like garlic but here’s some extra gum polar ice that’s my hitter and want to be ice breaker.

On my other side pocket, I have some headphones. They probably won’t stay in this case for that long cuz does like stress me out to put them back in there. But you know that’s kind of what it is. I have two little things. I have my pencil case which is one of them. Obviously, you like my pencils and stuff like that are in here.

Let me just say really quickly if you’re a girl and you go to school especially middle school. You know do I really even have to explain like girls mean stuff. I’m just gonna show you quickly what I have and first thing I have is Kleenex because I don’t know tissues pretty self-explanatory. I have deodorant because also self-explanatory alike when you forget but usually I don’t. And then, I have a hand sanitizer. I have this honey Marc Jacobs like rollerball thing.It smells pretty good. I also have some like lip gloss. I don’t know why I would ever use this. I have the oral teething pain medicine. I use this for when I have cold sores because I usually get those in the winter time. I don’t know why and then I have some chapstick total hydration and this is insane vanilla.

I have some pure use vanilla moist cream and it’s just a hand cream. I have like this little compact mirror that you can literally just get at the dollar store. It just like this little pad and if you open it up it just like the explanatory again. You have these two hair ties one being longer than the other. I have this lip medics. When you really chapped lips like this is the stuff that you need. I have girls stuff, it’s gonna be straightforward with you. Girls just bring extra stuff because sometimes stuff happens they can’t really control. TMI for boys but you know what it does not matter. Next pocket this is like the middle pocket. It’s like the biggest pocket. So, open and in here you get the pockets.You have with a little secret pocket and usually in here I keep my wallet with my like ID with my school ID. Like unknown my wallet, there’s like memberships.

I have the all of my binders which if you want to see like my binder my each class method. You can go watch my haul. It’ll be in the eye either here or here. Basically, I just have a binder notebook folder for each class. What I like to do is I get two classes. I get nutrition and then I get two classes and gym, so in that nutrition period. I keep my lunch in my locker so after after my second class. I just switch out my two binders because I have like two little things. I will switch them out kind of keep two sets in my locker and two sets on me.

At all times just to make it a little easier for myself and not as heavy. My little secret pocket open this up and I just have this little like coin pouch. You know one like you find like little nickels, quarters, dollars, stuff like that or like maybe your mom gave you lunch money but you want extra. So, this is what just where I keep it. I just call like my emergency cash. So, I just have like $2 and like literally exactly $0.99. I just keep like some extra money in here like maybe you forgot something or you need a lunch like. This is what I usually go for. Usually, I have my water bottle on any side.

In this last pocket my laptop pump it saying I have nothing like preschool women small. So usually what I do is in the folders. I keep all of my homework for the day. I put all of the homework in there. I just add folders in this back pocket. When I actually need to do my homework, I know exactly where to grab my homework. I don’t really have to you know like go through each pocket to find all my homework. This is what I have in my backpack. I know like a lot of other people have like a lot of other decorations. Nevertheless, I feel like if you just kind of over exaggerate too much. You may be carrying around more. You can end up hurting your back. So, I mean I like to keep it pretty simple. Exactly, what I need and what I know, I will use. This is how the straps look like. The straps are so comfortable. They’re literally padded so well and I love this backpack.

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