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Hello guys, so we are at the mall today. back-to-school shopping with Blake and Lily and he was supposed to come out and show me his jeans and khakis. and he didn’t, so we’re at American angel right now. they have all their pants buy one get one here. so where are we going after this Lola he’s already asking about shoes. Sally wants the shoes one pair of plain white shoes, that said the second story go to likes already found the pair of shoes he wants plain white shoes. is that what you are we got plenty of room. alright smell we are an air pestle past Dale why are you even supposed to say it. I don’t know nobody knows all somebody who knows. but I don’t, so he’s just looking for t-shirt type shirts he said you like that one .how about a shirt that says feels now all right they’re like they start. you’re so easy to shop with compared to your brother oh my god.

So now we’re in express this is your new favorite store like you seem to always find clothes in laying out heavier side okay how about the in case you forget what day it is.I like what about this one like what about that .I like that so is that your size so take it out. are we can ask them to take it off you didn’t see it anywhere else. I give up on Blake he shops way too fast. so I told him when we get home he can show you guys everything that he bought. he’s over here he was over here looking at converse. which I never thought that he would actually wear but he’s checking those out and then he needs to look at the backpacks.
here we’re at Dick’s Sporting Goods now and we’re almost done shopping here. and then like I said I’ll just have him show you guys everything he got once we get home. look at all this bags he’s been on a shopping spree you had North Face or who’s like this. North Face ones nice you want North Face so there’s under my hair that one’s life. there’s a couple of different styles .that one looks probably smaller than the under armor one. all right so we are back home from the mall and like I told you guys Blake shops so fast. but now I’m gonna have some show you everything that he got. so what are the name of these shoes huh and these look at me like Blake’s new shoes. why because you’re still a little guy who jumps and puddles with their shoes. well he shops in the kids Department .

Dicks Backpacks

American Eagle joggers, let me see the bottoms they’re joggers.why do they call them joggers so you’re gonna go jogging in those fans they’re all John’s new jeans aren’t joggers there might be blue jeans. American Eagle has their pants buy one get one half off those are Lily’s jeans and then we got this free bag if you spend $75 spend $75 in American Eagle you get this free little tote bag. are you gonna use that for your book bag you can just put your pants inside. that wait there’s a price tag on this thing how much is it worth what this is originally worth $40 really know probably half price 20 bucks. maybe hmm well you got it for free next we have Express. this is the store that he shopped to fist I couldn’t show you guys everything. oh wait they did see you try that on mostly me.

Sweat shirt I’m going over how do you have that shirt oh you have that shirt .I like that shirt, that’s nice she picked that out for me. so no Express now we’re on to Dick’s Sporting Goods we got. an IKE hooded zip-up sweatshirt because it’s gonna be cold soon black Nike shorts they have them an adult not kids. you want some light cotton shorts like that some cotton adidas shorts. no that sticks and then from crook we got some pencils pens and some car air fresheners. for the nice smelling ride on the way to school when you take your brother and sister to school.
when you take your brother and sister to school, yeah all right backpack faster bullets cool don’t get there any minute earlier or later .all right let me get some headphones that’s it right charger. those were not what video game chase if you take a picture of that it’s reflective and it does something cool a lot on the way.oh wait oh yeah air pops the bags you forgot that stuff I picked .that out I picked that up sure it is short they’re not swim shirt all right. good job Blake till Christmas all right so end the video for today Blake you have to say please subscribe thumbs up my video if you liked my cool clothes if you think I’m some ZUP if you think I’m gonna be stylish this year.

Hi guys we’re doing the back-to-school clothing haul and today we went to a lot of stories. we went some outlet mall and different stores and we got a whole bunch of stuff. come on is going first, Sean goes what did he get throws of different stores come back. Jen t-shirt from guests, the guests store in outlet mall button-up shirt. I got against another guy circus I guess jeans 18 and it’s always I mean 81. I got another shirt for guest this dark blue and light blue. white is one did guess ,t then I got another one that says Brooklyn red black and white, then I got a shirt this is LA yes 1981 California then I got today.

I got this shirt warmer just too plain v-neck blue shirt and then again from an outline. I’ve got a blue Nike shirt this is from the 90s core this is scoring never stops and the Nike symbol then I’ve got another shirt from Nike. the Nike store just says Nike in different countries then I got another shirt all purple. this is always, always first speak with a Nike symbol and then we went to the Under Armour store. and I’ve got two sweatshirts that says Under Armour and it have black and red have white and red.

Then it was a deal it was 40% I mean it was buy one get one half off so I got two of them and then I got this gray black one. this great black thing anything guess again.I got a pants, I got these regular slim 14 size pants from guess with orange and yellow outline, and then I got these Navy pants.this also 14 slim, straight jeans from guests. I got these from Gordon’s and it is different because they’ve got a little squares on the inside edges lines are opinions. they are Levi’s be by pants and then it’ll guest in I got this awesome bring this. maybe gray injected on me at our meter like the way 15 fields. this is a xxxx large.

The scientists change to 5,000 plus this little pocket right here that how do you have use and they can’t get it open and then we left out Len long. and I got two pairs of shoes, first I’ve got one last month and one yesterday. but the silcoon I got some retro teams white and blue Carolina. yesterday I got some red joinin air retro six retro sixties. you know me, I have to say oblique jordan air with the little button piece on it plus a little part right here that says Jordan and then it got the oats what’s it called big books. with the little air bubbles and is boom and black and gray on the bottom and white and then today.

I got a brand new backpack and lunchbox. I got this backpacks from Dick’s Sporting Goods it is a Nike Vapor backpack. they’ve got one in the pocket this is the first pocket, the bit then has a big middle pocket with all these little compartments and back compartment and then I got this little mini compartment right here.I got decide what might be back Nike lunchbox. I’m eating that has vitamin and it has the material and inside that keeps your lunch cold or hot. then it has a little comfortable arms because they’ve got these air bubbles on. and then looks good and then you can tie it tight or not and and it had this difference. I got some you punk today Playboy Hollywood. now that’s all slip that I had my brother’s gonna show his stuff now.

Well I have quite a few things too .first I have some stuff from route 21. I have these pants I like them because of the rips and the color. then I have over 21 this jacket has the blacksmith with a bulging jacket it has a hood too. I really like it. Plus from room 21 I got these pants with paint splatters, I think these pants are really cool I like the paint sliders on them, Plus this color bleach type color.

And now we show you whether it got from guess. I got fish shirt it’s Miami shirt this shirt .which has lots of flowers on it this right and black shirt it says guess Los Angeles I like writing black this black shirt it’s the same thing as the red shirt just a different color, these gray guest pants rain black trim two black on the back, these guests Eugene’s and.

Let me show you what I got from Nike. I have this Nike shirt it says there is on there is low finish line or the Nike sell at the bottom this black and white .Nike shirt money and the clinched excess money in the clutch and this white Nike shirt and it says the real deal flex up arrow and it’s a real deal flex appeal okay and I got this backpack for big sporting goods it’s just like come on buddies red and black big pockets.
and I got this lunch box from Gorman’s .it’s just a square lunch box and this come on from group 21 ,but the branded group and I have some Jordans I really like Mikey’s but this Jordan hoarder. I just have to get him I got a phone Foot Locker. I think they’re really cool because I got all the colors of my red black and white shirts. in one shoe and I’m beginning another pair of blue shoes with blue black and white in them just didn’t find any I like and that’s it. for all I have that’s all we have for now stay tuned for our school supply haul I hope you give this video a big thumbs up comment and subscribe bye bye.

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