Cute Backpacks for High School

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It’s me Nikki, here today to share with you my tips and how I put a fabulous backpack. I want to put inside my head because I’m always asked how do you do the color coordination thing or putting together handbags. you know, I love doing that and I think it’s important, not only that your bag functions for you but like my home. I like it to function and be beautiful and to be fun. so I want to share with you my tips along with everything that I share with you today is going to be in a giveaway all week long. I’m giving away a fabulous bag this is yesterday’s bag. I’m giving you a different style bag everyday that I will be giving away with all the things included and each bag is a different style. you know we’re on back-to-school season so I want to give a variety of styles that will function for all kinds whether you’re in.

The workplace and a teacher or a sunday-school teacher or a homeschool mom or a student. I wanted the bags to be able to function for everybody but I wanted them to also be fun and to kind of give you tips on how I’ve put bags together. because I’m always asked that question and this is a huge thank you for always supporting me. so let’s jump right in so like I said everything that I show you today is included in today’s Giveaway. so it’s a lot of fun but I’m going to show you how Nikki thinks when she’s putting together a bag because it is a method to my madness and it’s definitely a thought process that I do. when I’m going to put a bag together, because I don’t just kind of go in the store and buy random things and I want to share with you how I list these things out and the things. that I find that are essential in a backpack.

Cute Backpacks for High School

The first thing, I’m thinking is fine my essential storage. now I already have in my head my color. I know that okay if I’m doing a bag for the fall and I want it to be in a more low top color. I know that, that’s my theme. I’m going with this backpack here, I knew that I was going to go with my signature color. you knew ,you would not get through a week without me doing some type of a bag in this color and so I’m knew it was going to be a backpack. I wanted it to function well so this is the first thing that I shopped and when I put my list together. when I’m putting a bag together, these are the key components. I’m looking for first and these are the things that you’ll see on my shopping list. first is getting the storage pieces for that bag and I love this Vera Bradley bag, because number one it is the perfect size if you’re a teacher a student or in the workplace and you want to carry a backpack. it’s perfect it has a nice amount of storage it’s not too big, the fabric is great it’s actually not fabric is more of a vinyl but it’s great. because you can just wipe it down, it has the nice padded straps and the thing that I really loved about it. is that the bag could fit in huge age range from young to teen, to my age, to young adult.

Vera Bradley is great, their bags really fit a lot of age ranges. another thing, I like the inter pocket here because it’s great to kind of tuck your wallet. so that you can hide your wallet now. the next storage piece is the wallet, you need that storage for your ID, for your money, for things like that. and this is the Kate Spade wallet. it’s absolutely beautiful again keeping with that color. I’m thinking I need the function but I need the color, so instead of picking up that blue Kate SAV wallet. I’m gonna pick up the Miss Kate Spade wallet because it goes with my myth Vera Bradley bag. so this is kind of how I’m thinking as I’m shopping. I know what I need to function and I know what color I need it. so this is the perfect size so it gives me that function and it’s the perfect color so big score. the next thing that is an essential storage piece is your tech bag. I’m gonna have a tech bag in every one of these bags and this is the same one from yesterday but in a different color.

The Jones New York tech bag, which I’m a huge fan of because it really functions. well it’s a nice size you’re able to put your iPad in here. you can put your computer cords in here and it also has a built-in charging station. so I can slip my phone right in here plug it in. it works with all smart phones and you can charge your phone on the go keep it in your backpack and you can be charged on you’re sitting in class or while you’re at work and it keeps everything neat inefficient. but again, when I was shopping this, I needed that function but I needed that color. another essential piece for your storage is a pencil bag, something to put your pens, pencils and your scissors any kind of variety of kind of writing utensils and things that you use this is the Laura Ashley bag. it’s the perfect size really beautiful and it keeps with that beauty that I want to bring the bag. but it has that function, it can fit everything that you need in here and I just think it’s beautiful. I love this bag here and of course, it keeps with that mint color that I love and so it really was the perfect fit for this backpack. now I don’t shop in the same stores, so that’s the great thing about it along with.

I had the coordinating bag here, that I got Laura Ashley that’s for your kind of personal necessities like their makeup feminine products, lotion you can put it all in this one bag and have it. so that you can just pull it and get it out your backpack when you need it. you can put it in that front pocket so that you can easily get it. and of course another essential storage is a lunch bag and you will keep that separate from your bag. I love this one here because it coordinates with of your Bradley bag, really cute. it’s different but it’s cute it coordinates together and this has the built in jail. so it’s really a nice lunch bag, so these are all of the key storage pieces for our backpack. so when I’m shopping, that’s the first thing that I want to knock out and I shop in a variety of places. I don’t discriminate where I shop.the next tip is essential work supplies. then shop for all those essentials that you need to function every day. now the first thing, if your student or teacher, or even in the workplace, or you know whatever your role is. you’re going to need those folders, you’re going to need those binders and I have these here. these are just inexpensive folders, here where you can separate your subjects. if that’s the case or your work, or whatever you have they have kind of like the prongs and they’re in the pockets. very inexpensive, I think they were like $0.50 each but I kept committed to my color. I didn’t pick up the yellow ones. I picked up the MIT ones, because it committed to my color along with this inexpensive binder. here and then a bigger binder that has an inspirational make things happen on it. so that you can put any of your work in there and kind of categorize things if you need to categorize it. whatever your needs are but getting those binders are essential to your work day. another thing is those supplies, that you need such as a stapler or staple remover. I was talking to my friend Michelle, the other day because she was saying. you know you really should do a teacher’s bag this year. I thought that was great and so I was asking her what are some teacher things that you know what do teachers need in one thing. she told me what staplers she said so that you can stay for your work together post-it note staple removers things like that.

I definitely wanted to include this from her advice, so this is kind of correction tape and sticky notes. you see, I’m committed to my color and then it’s all tucked away in this bag. that has the prongs on it, so that you can put it in your binder. if you choose to make it easier to carry the next essential school or work supply are notebooks. I love always including a journal, you’ll notice I include these in all of the bags this week. because journals to me are great to create resource binders or resource books. I always use my journal to kind of write down those things, that I use everyday. like there’s certain codes on the computer, like control or bleep means this or control law. it means this can’t remember my head. I’ll put it in a little journal websites that I use frequently. I’ll put it in a little journal anything that I want to reference easily. that I don’t want to have to keep on my brain, but I want to be able to reference these four journals are perfect to keep all of that and it ends up being a very useful resource binder for you. so that’s what I love to do with little journals and of course, I put a variety of different notebooks in here, because if you’re in school you use notebooks for different things. of course keeping with that dedicated color, so that in the end everything really is cohesive and you have a beautiful fun bag.
another essential, is your paper you know if you’re in school. you’re gonna need that notebook paper, if you are like me. I love notepads so this is kind of on my thesis or six.I can’t remember in this pad here, if you want to sit on your desks kind of jot down things. I always find this to be helpful and so having that paper is essential along with your writing tools. you need your pencils and your pins and your highlighters and erasers and things like that. so you know choose the ones that are helpful for you. now I’ve got these highlighters here because they’re my favorites. they’re the Clear view sharpie highlighters. I love them because they have clear tips. so that when you’re highlighting, you see the words that you’re highlighting. so that you don’t over highlight or anything like that, I can’t stand that when I’m using highlighter and I can’t see when to stop and so these are my favorite here along with. I made this pin that kept with the colors, because I love beautiful pins. I love having a beautiful writing instrument, because it just makes you happy when you’re working and that’s why I like making beautiful bags and work bags and things like that. because it helps me stay organized because it’s always so pretty. so you want to keep it pretty and it always makes you happy.

I’d like to take time and making things

Color-coordinated and things like that. it’s just it brings me joy other things miscellaneous essentials you need are like your ruler and your tape and kind of you know paper clips and things like that. these are things that you kind of have to pick that fit your needs as a teacher as a student or as a business person. whatever it is that you do now binder clips are ones that I love. I always loved by the clips and let me give you a quick tip,, if you’re a teacher these are great because what you can do is take your label maker print out. things like grades or tests and put it on the binder clip and then, when you kind of clamp those papers together it easily identifies what that stack of papers is. so that when it’s sitting on your desk you can easily know okay this stack of papers. are papers to be graded these are for a test. so by simply using your label maker and labeling the top of the clip it serves as a great kind of filing source for your desk. I do this all the time so the next essential thing that you need as far as your supplies are folders and you know if you’re a teacher or student or anything you’re going to use a folder for something. and I love these here they’re in that mint color they also have this nice kind of blush color and it has white and it’s a pack of nine. so you get it a bit in there and really just some beautiful inspirational folders. you can find these everywhere nowadays and the thing about it.

I kept committed clock color but it has three of the be smart in. the mint three of the be fabulous and the white and three of the be kind, in that kind blush color. now I always love a clipboard and the clipboard for a student would be great if you’re working in the park and you need a kind of desk. clipboards make for great makeshift desk. I’ve always used one, I do and I used to have to kind of go from site to site. I would be working in my car, a lot and clipboards were perfect. it’s kind of gives me that desk that I need and I made sure to get a thin one, because it’s easier to carry than a thicker clipboard. so I was cautious when you look for clipboards to get something kind of thin. Now,I have to tell you one thing. I did not purchase in this giveaway.

I love Erin Condren, so when I was putting all my bags together I reached out to them and I said okay would you all be willing to send me a planner for a student along with a teacher’s planner. so you’ll see the teachers planner leaded later this week. they were accommodating and they said and more. so we’re gonna send you a bunch of supplies and hoodies to put into the giveaway. so this is the one thing I did not purchase. I purchased but this was sent by Erin Condren and if you know me you know that I love my Erin Condren planners and they function. so well that’s the lifestyle.

The lifestyle
The life planner is great because it is the perfect size for your backpack, but it has that function that you need now. when I was talking with Erin Condren, they were saying that the best one for students are the one that’s most popular with students is the hourly style Erin Condren has a variety of different styles of their planners. you know depending on your work needs and so of course ,you get your month but then you can also choose. if you want a vertical view or a horizontal view. I take you through and show you in detail the Erin Condren planners. now one thing I want to say is you notice that the color does not of the outside of the planner does not coordinate with the color of the bag. what’s great about Erin Condren is that their covers are interchangeable. so when you get your planner whoever the winner is just go to Erin Condren in order your cover the color of your mint color or whatever color you want. you can personalize it so that it fits your backpack but I didn’t want to choose that for you. I rather you choose your cover for your enter an Erin Condren were so great. they sent all these extra goodies and their customer service is awesome because as soon as I contacted them they sent it right out. so I think you know have it in the giveaway here and I love the big erasers here and they keep with our color. they’re the highlighters are great along with they also have these journals that I love. I love their journals, I’m always purchase any of these because, number one, I love the quality of them but I love how they’re thinner. so that I can put them in my planner and they don’t keep my planner bulky but I can keep a lot of information in them. so they’re really have a nice variety on their website which I’ll link their website below. definitely check it out, but they just really are a great journal if you’re looking for a nice thin journal. that’s easy to keep in your planners, I definitely recommend the Erin Condren ones along with the sticker book.

I love these here these are adhesive pockets. you can put them in your planner, in your notebooks and they give you a little pocket along with they sent some bands for your planner. so Erin Condren thank you so much for being a part of this and for sending me these wonderful items to include and finally those miscellaneous essentials. just those random things you need to get throughout your day and so I wanted to include those in your backpack and one thing is chapstick. I love how chapstick, we needed it to be a certain color and they did it for us.then I put some mini finger nail polish in here so after school or work and you need to touch up those nails before your meeting,got it along with some antibacterial. you know teachers definitely need this on day .so I wanted to include this in the backpack and also another thing that something important is a keychain. if you have your classroom, keys or if your student in your home keys. I wanted to put those in there along with your water bottle. so all of these are the essential things for your backpack. now what I do want tosay is everything, I showed you does not fit directly in this backpack .one, because I gave you kind of multiple things like two packs of paper or multiple notebooks. I kept all of the pins and things like that in they’re packaging, because when I sent it to the giveaway winner. I did not want to kind of open their things. I’d rather open it up new. so of course it’s all not to fit in here now but when you put your backpack together. you you know you want to make sure that it efficiently right size for the things that you need.

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