Cool Backpacks for Teens

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Our lives have become more mobile. we carry our work tools everywhere and that’s why more than ever we need a bag. but from our own experience most bags out there are not made for the modern lifestyle. so to end our own frustration we decided to design a backpack from scratch. after endless testing, now we are ready to show you our creation.The bird backpack and with over ten noteworthy features. we believe that this is one of the best everyday backpacks ever. let me tell you about it. it’s made of a new and innovative material, that makes it scratch proof cut proof and water repellent. we wanted the burgh backpack to be theft proof.

So we designed a unique hidden zipper placed up, against your back. so you can turn your bag against anyone with ease of mind to have less pressure on your back. we prioritized weight balance with the laptop compartment placed firmly against your back. the weight is distributed more evenly and it feels dramatically lighter a remarkable difference from traditional backpacks. the back panels are made of breathable material to bring extra comfort from the outside. there are two easy to access pockets one big on the back for the passport or wallet. in the pocket on the side that is big enough to hold an iphone six-plus it is easy to reach with only one hand.

Let’s look at the inside there are protective sleeves for a laptop and tablet. three big pockets for a charger or camera gear or anything. there is a place for your pens. a zipper pocket in the top for the stuff. you don’t want to fall out you can also plug in your smartphone from your power bank in the bag while you go and an elastic strap for your gym clothes our can very easily reach your laptop and tablet from the protective sleeve. with traditional backpacks, you have to dig from the top to find what you needin the bottom. we made it possible to open all the way so you always feel organized.

We were tired of the black linen that you see in most bags. so we made it red so it looks and feels like the inside of a nice suit. now we need your help making the burgh backpack a reality. we already have deals with manufacturing companies with years of experience in making top-class products and they are standing by to take care of production and logistics. this makes sure that you get your backpack on time and in the best quality.

Cool Backpacks for Teens

On the market hi my name is Cody and this is the slicks su-25 backpack. perfect for every day’s commute to work. hi my name is Houdini and this is the slips trip 25 pack great for everyday use and traveling. hi my name is codeine and this is the sleep space 25 pack all you need for business and after’s a briefcase but also a backpack the pack itself has three layers at the back. the laptop compartment those laptops up to 15 inch.

The front is perfect to store bulky items. all right this hidden pocket here is health pack for shoes, but the interesting features of Slick’s are inside a mesh pocket or folder for documents and here are inside pocket for the more available items like wallet passport here on the right side. one of six key features it is a snicks salt coverage holding my suit and trousers. over protective and creased free but there is more the slicks slipcover it also includes a detachable laundry bag. airtight of course all to the pocket down here has a tip in its flap, but it mainly holds the slicks lightweight wash bag.

Check this the backside of the drip collar contains a short cover it protects. the color of shirts and is a great help for folding by following these instructions voila. well fold it and well protected and this is ready together redesign slicks travel backpack it was a nice time developing and testing the new slicks travel backpack. we set out to design a model of back that easily adapts around your lifestyle and meets the demands of all types of traveling. now we are very happy with the solution redesigned already several backpacks for other brands before we slicks.

We now create the backpack, we always want to optimize my design and make sure production runs all smoothly. I visited our production partner many times working closely with manufacturing people is very valuable. for a design process and besides it’s a real pleasure to see the steel tailors unstitching machines making the early sameness of the slips travel system. with your support we are now ready to launch the slicks Trevor backpack.We’d love to have you on board as a backer and be part of the Slick’s community, and if you like Slick’s please share with family friends and colleagues many texts you.

Hey Kick starter, I’m Emily Schrom,, sure I did MTV’s real world and some real world challenges but now I’m a certified personal trainer. across the coach and a nutritional therapy practitioner and I’m out to help make everyone their own superhero. you know what I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be hard. there’s a few key things getting in the way of a simple and seamless workout. first equipment lots of equipment way too much equipment next traveling. I mean who wants to go out of their way to work out, while traveling lastly the gym stuck indoors.

I just want to be outside for pete’s sake for these reasons I created the impact. you it’s versatile its durable and it’s practical. the best part it doubles as a weight training bag. my journey to get here was one driven by pure passion every waking breath was spent perfecting. the form material and fit a long process that led to the perfect designers at hex-head designs. all right here in beautiful Denver Colorado trial-and-error plenty time and money lots of it, but it was all worth it.

The result is a pack made in Colorado a pack. I am extremely proud of and a pack I know you will love using it and incorporating it into your everyday lifestyle is effortless. the impact uses water as weight take it on the road. keep it in your car or use it at home. simple transitions make this durable military grade backpack now a fully usable training pack it holds up to 60 pounds with handles on every angle giving you endless training possibilities. swing it like a kettle bell lift it like a barbell.

Use it like a pair of dumbbells say goodbye to multiple weights and adios to hotel gyms. it’s time to get outside and free your fitness. the impact is about evolving motion changing the way you think of fitness getting you outside out of your box and continuing to get better every day. travel with it,explore with it get stronger with it it’s time to unleash your inner superhero.

Hey I’m Adrian the Canadian and welcome to life pack. the anti-theft solar-powered backpack that keeps your phone charged and your stuff safe. let’s check it out the 21st century has redefined. the way that we live our lives you’re no longer tied to an office 37 percent of US workers, say they work from home in the past month. that’s up over 400 percent since 1995.

I’m pretty sure that your phone’s been upgraded since then and it’s time that your bag was too good life pack. we’ve reinvented the mobile office does your phone battery ever die. are you ever worried about your bag getting stolen or broken, do you have a hard time keeping organized? well lucky for you life hacks here to save the day.

Let’s start with why you’re never gonna have to deal with a dead phone again. the solar bank is a removable unit which has a solar panel and battery with enough power to charge an iPhone 6 up to 12 times. you can charge the solar bank via USB, then when you’re out and about the solar panel keeps the power topped up. the solar bank also has built-in Bluetooth speakers so you have great sounding audio with you when you’re on the go.

Life back has an integrated lock this means you can lock the zipper shut when you’re on the go. and what’s really cool about this lock is that you can actually lock the bag to something. when you’re sitting still because of the unique design of the zippers you can also lock a zipper shut while locking it to a fixed point. the bottom of the cable can not be removed and the exit point is reinforced.

So it’s super strong also the end of the lock works is a bottle opens cheers. so on things go the work zone is incredibly organized is a separate section for your laptop and iPad there’s a space for your wallet. there’s a key hook business cards pens, there’s also a section for loose papers in a separate pocket so you don’t lose receipts. in the life zone is a protected pocket for your sunglasses as room for clothes and end of your non-work stuff. because you don’t want your undies falling out in a work meeting because we all know that is that just me that’s happened to there are 4 hidden compartments on this bag.

On your shoulder straps are two pockets, these are big enough for credit cards and travel cards for the subway or Metro cash loose change or even your headphones pressed up to your back or two more hidden pockets. these are ideal for your passport and boarding card.these pockets are even big enough for an iPhone six-plus and on one side there’s a USB plug that connects to the solar mass so you can charge your phone up while you’re on the go.

We have the vision and the plan to make this happen but we need your pre-orders in order to meet factory minimums and tooling costs by backing this project today and sharing with your friends and family. you’re helping make light pack a reality. thank you for your support, whether your travel for business you’re a busy student, a freelancer or a free spirit, you want more freedom from your desk and you need to stay connected when you’re on the go. join us share this campaign today and be a part of reinventing the mobile office.seriously tell your friend whose bones are dying.

We’ve been carrying them around forever. they’ve been a part of us from day one holding our most prized possessions. today we’re using backpacks to carry our two thousand dollar laptops to work and why not it’s the easiest and most comfortable way to carry everything you need but backpacks weren’t built for the boardroom. we wanted a bag that had the Polish of a briefcase the comfort of a backpack and no compromises.

This is Watson smart usability stunning Design. weightless comfort Watson is for uncompromising professionals to create a backpack for top performers. we had to start from the ground up and change the Fundamentals. Watson is pushed to start no more fighting with zippers or rifling through various pockets. you’ll go from zero to working in seconds everything inside has a thoughtful place Plus. Watson can stand on its own giving you easy access throughout the day for the first time ever. Watson has a hard shell structure that opens with a push of a button you can instantly see and access everything you need your important items.

Have a home in the safe essentials compartments. Watson has impeccable timing grab your keys wallet or phone without ever taking it off your back.there’s a bottle holder for life’s essential h2o and when you’re on an important call. Watson has your power built in with a connection to your favorite battery inside Watson’s on-the-go setup, means you can access your wallet water and even extra power without ever taking it off.

Watsons breathable back creates room for Air, so you don’t have to worry about Sweat. inspired by hiking packs, Watson’s suspension system spreads weight across the entire back panel. power mesh ventilation keeps air flowing freely sculpted shoulder straps adjust for a custom fit and are padded with NASA. memory foam for the ultimate comfort. we’ve spent countless hours created dozens of prototypes to achieve Watson’s impeccable style. there was no spared expense to give you the most beautifully designed backpack. that will turn heads for years to come with high quality Italian leather ballistic nylon military-grade hardware and a shape preserving hard.

Shell Watson is the first backpack that doesn’t trade form for function. Watson began as a problem to solve for my tech entrepreneur boyhood but I quickly realized that there is a gap in the everyday carrying space. Watson is the answer to that problem. here’s where we need your help Kick starter. we put everything into making Watson the best backpack ever made by pledging for Watson. you’ll join us in bringing this revolutionary everyday carry to life. Watson is made for the uncompromising professionals the ones who want usability design and comfort we hope you’ll join us.

At standard luggage we’ve got gear that works with you our newest product. the daily is the only work flight bag you’ll ever need tailored for the nine-to-fiver the frequent flyer and the Easy Rider. the daily is stylish versatile and perfect for the urban adventure with the Daley’s three-in-one design. you can wear it like a suitcase backpack or a messenger bag. the dailies fid-blocking pocket keeps you protected from identity Theft. while it’s USB charging port ensures you never run out of power.

When you need ammo and the bag offers lots of space for your laptop and tablet. as well as safe spaces to stow away your wallet keys and phone it also has lockable zips and hugs. the body making it safe against intrusion when you need the tools that get you through the grind the fuel that charges your day. when you need things to just click use the daily work life play every day.

I’m Josh wolf and this is the Mach 5 motorcycle backpack. now Mach 5 it sounds like a jet, like a tank, like something like real badass rugged or like a motorcycle backpack .I’I that’s me and my moped this thing is amazing right off. the bat it’s like a turtle shell everything’s protected the hard shell makes it aerodynamic how are you.I know watch it now see these is a reflective so people can see you and not like that. look at how much room is in there you got room for your laptop pants a pair of shoes sunglasses now if you could fit a helm in here. well you got other stuff in there.

Because you’re a man about town where do you do you have a strap right here attach your helmet – pretty simple. now what I really like is this right here this is not a fanny pack. BAM this is a Manny bag like to keep you know nail clippers or whatever, maybe when you’re riding on your motorcycle maybe you get a hangnail or something perfect. I guess now that I’ve got the really cool bag. now I just need a really cool motorcycle he wants to give me one of those.

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