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Hey guys it’s me Ali, so today I’m gonna doing what’s in my backpack. so I had this basket for Christmas and I don’t really go in here. so before we get on the video, all of my social medias will be on the description, also me and my sisters YouTube channel. so this is my backpack, it’s a pink college backpack. it’s like the biggest version, I’m pretty sure they make and I really like it’s big. And I’m wanting to middle school. I would still use this one because it’s like huge and it has a lot of space for a lot of things. I never like has that much stuff to fill it up. Because I don’t really use that much. I’m outside it’s very airy and very nice outside today.

Let’s start with my side pocket. like the other one has like four pockets. this has one two three four five three or four. so I’m gonna start with my side pockets on this side. I have my glasses,it’s kind of like blurry but well.And then I have a broken pencil, because I’m dumb and this kid said and I have half a pencil. so I broke depends what happened because I’m just have the other half right here, but then he thought it was funny. but we never actually use a pencil, so it’s just here that’s what’s in that pocket.I don’t really be keep stuff in these pockets but in the next pocket I have a pencil two pencils. I have a Angry Bird pencil and a purple Halligan don’t have that much pencils because I’d lose them. so I just have these ones that I just find.

Children's Place Backpacks

And then the smallest pocket here up at the front, I don’t know if I have any in here. there’s nothing in here. but I used to have any more than my other small pocket right here. in the front I have a killing it so if you see my mom and I’m walking around then I have some headphones and I have my iPod. which let’s put this in andlisten to music because like it went off in class and I just have an iPod headphones in here and I just had my euro dollars. because I don’t really have anymore but it’s okay because we have another pimp which like to pay for it. what these things that you earn by it’s not until my zipper pocket and in here there’s my pencil page and in this pencil case. I just have things that I never use this recipes really have a blue stood, white black and red pen sharpies and highlighters and I really never lose this but I’ve had this just in case and ever if I needed a pen or something.

I just hit that out or if I don’t have a hair tie or whatever sometimes I put like food in here but I currently on the Sides. there’s like on these little seat belts for the backpack you can tighten it and adjust it. so I’m gonna have one pocket that I actually go in which is mine talking to every thing. in this pocket is like the compartment pocket it has a bunch of little zippers. so there’s this one right here which is I just showed you to listen mini zipper mesh. and I had bubbles from when we had our carnival. I really like that and then I have this which I also got at the Carter boyfriend. No I got this for my birthday. I got this it’s just a little blue monkey, or I don’t know what it is like a Monster. And I got this for my birthday, in the birthday box. but I got two hair ties because I always forget to bringg my hair tie. like today I needed a hair tie but no I don’t heard. I lost my ring see, I have these bubbles in here like extra fun things to do. then there’s two pockets right here and then there’s a this big apartment back here and you can like put your laptop and stuff.

And I have Merry Christmas day met his girl Amanda in our second class it was a senior next year. and Merry Christmas from Amanda and it’s just much Bush’s you Merry Christmas and it’s from a long time ago. I just still have it next year for middle school were allowed to bring computers iPads and phones. so I’m bringing my iPad to school for my device on and also bring my phone, like my iPad that I never use. so it’s gonna be my cool thing because if I forget something and there’s so much crumbs down here. if you can see this donor right open Sesame there’s a crumbs in. like all this grossest way I don’t you can’t really see it. like there’s crumbs I just broke it. I don’t remember breaking it pencils are so easy to snap It.I have that and then in the back another here, where’s when would you need it Christmas card and I’ll be put in back Here.when I’m in middle and actually have to set up my iPad for middle school probably set it up tonight. I’ll probably film it on the vlog channels, if your favorite vlog go check that out. and then I just gonna blow in there back, seat belt it and tighten it. I usually try it because when it’s like on tighten then. I have my actual book stuff and this is where I’m in most of the time. I still don’t open this out much because like nothing open if I open it in the morning when I have to get my books in my agenda and that’s so the first thing I have took home today. is my poetry not like writing notebook and we’re starting to write in this and I designed it this today in school. I designed it’s really cute, so I have pictures of me and my dad when I was a baby. and then I have a bunch of ammo do you have a softball.I have this on the hood don’t go baking my heart and it has my dad thinking of it. I have a bunch of emoji and then this heart one that my teacher gave me says sprinkled with love.then another one that my teacher gave me was this doughnut one and it kind of matches like the background.

My class gave me all these other stickers to decorate. Then I had the softball one because I play softball.I just like that we haven’t started it but we’re gonna start it like next week once we’re done with that. I say this is me, when I was a toddler and this was me when I was a baby and my daddy.this is like the only cute picture when I was a baby. I would haven’t started it completely we’ll start it soon. I think it’s about ghosty towns I’ve read it like the first Day. how do you back this way did the artists.I have this which is just my Wonders book I started bringing this home because we never really used it.drop throughout the year and I used it for extra practice. but today I finished my SSA breathing.I’m not using this no more but I’ll probably use it for summer practice because you never know when air needs to be prepared. so I did a few pages and then I kind of like cuffed the pages that I wasn’t gonna do. I did no Cabul area most of the times,because I booked hobble areas so I just did that so she’s my wanders book. we never use this throughout the school year because we thought it was useless and the teachers on told the principal not to order them. anyway it’s like a sticker wrapper little ring right there then I have this book,which I already finished. it’s not actually ivories look it’s a practice book it’s measure up and we did this for it’s measure’s for practice up I say.I did it this one and this one we did it in like two weeks max I was bored.

I have this measure up book, but I don’t really use it anymore because we’re finished with it.I have my social studies weekly and I’m gonna move 24 like all the otherclasses are ahead of me. I haven’t started it but I’m gonna start it tomorrow, actually Thursday because it’s due Friday but I’ll probably do it tomorrow because I’m gonna be at home all day because I have a dentist appointment and then I have this garbage paper.I was bored, so she was helping my other friend and I was like doing a code to like oh like these different shapes manoa letter and I want to go home and shapes of my doughnut sticker shaving. Obviously, I don’t have one when I need it put it in this pocket, so whenever I need it. I have the land of stories this is the book. I’ve been reading I’m on book two 347 and I’ve read book 1. and I’m on like halfway through a book too. and then I’m ordering the series because probably gonna hit 2 book 3 but maybe not two before so I’m more than 4 or 5 and 6 on Amazon. And then I also have my hair dollars in here, because I had this like wherever I go. so I have some Starbucks and then I have my headphones I put my headphones back.I have some pink headphones. I put them back where they supposed to go and then the next thing is kind of gross, it’s just a bunch of like and basically what’s in my backpack.And I’m gonna order the land of stories before the five books six because I’m a Finnish book three by the end of the school year book. two took me a little longer to finish because it’s like the biggest book in the series. so I’m gonna just put my garbage in this little pocket right okay bye guys.

Hey guys welcome back,I’m here today to show you guys some cute backpacks that I’ve seen on Jan’s board calm.There was Super Duper cute and by the way this is not sponsored.Anyway I’m like really the backpacks a half they did have cute backpacks, but they were pretty plain and then I came out with super duper cute backpacks. so I’m gonna show you guys some cute backpacks for back-to-school season. and right now we’re filming this it’s not back-to-school season and for a long time. so I just really excited for the back-to-school season.And I always do this, like over time and then sometimes I change my mind or something but this out.I don’t think I might change one of mine because this is the only backpack I’ve seen. it’s actually really cute because the pink backpack – I saw Victoria Secret pink or not Q anymore. if you guys saw the recent ones like 2016 they were so cute they have like teal pink black and stuff like that, but now they havelike this material backpack that’s really ugly it’s like a beach backpack.

I don’t like background a beach bag that you like put your clothing after it’s wet like one of those material bags I don’t like it. so I’m going to be show you guys some JanSport ones but you guys can pick whichever ones you guys like. so let’s get on with this video, okay so the first thing you’re going to have to do is look up JanSport. calm and then you’re come to this page. so what you’re going to do is you’re going to click on the first like, link which is official JanSport and so you’re going to click on that and it’s going to bring you to this Page. it’s always going to pop up, like a coupon or something. so this is what you’re going to see when you come to this page. I looked everywhere to find this specific backpack because, I found it on my phone,then I want to find it on here. so I look at cute backpacks. I look here and I didn’t find it. so what you’re going to do this a new backpack, so you’re going to do shop new arrivals and it’s just a blue thing under these new arrivals. you could just look here probably but these are new arrivals too but they don’t have it.when you gives this page what you’re going to see and they’re probably like witching is the one Alex Alison likes guess right now and it is one two or three guess which one I like.

Out of those three this is the one I’m in love with, it’s so cute it’s this backpack right here. I doubt it’s holographic if you guys zoom in to this logo right here, it’s holographic. which I think it’s so cute and then when you move back down to the bottom, if you zoom in to the bottom which I really can’t kind of time it’s not working but it’s also holographic. down there and I think it’s really cute and I love like the cute designs of the beach and all of that stuff. They also have different types of these backpacks with the logo like that instead of the JanSport. So they have silver which and don’t really like that much because it’s so plain and like the one that I just showed you guys before. was like beachy and it was all cute and stuff like that, but your opinion. I really don’t want this one but that’s okay if you guys like it this is the 3d Gold Street no gold three these stars have stars down.

Here starting on this and then it’s all gold then there’s a plain black one it’s just black and gold the zippers are gold and then it’s just black down here and black logo just black and gold. Then you know how to regular backpacks like these, they have the Jun 4 logo right here. right there and set up down if you guys can see that down here so they change it up they put this logo up here instead of this up here. so they’ve brought this down there to still support their brand it’s same for mine, that I love so this is how it looks the JanSport logos down here with the holographic and then the beachy theme. And then back is gray and then the regular back packet is how it looks pretty sure it goes all the way down to down here and I’ll just like a quarter of the way down here. I really like how it’s so cute and I like the purple, pink and blue and that’s what I’m going for my back to school. I really want to get light pink, light blue and like purple. and all of that stuff and I really want to get a holographic footer because I’d be really cute.

For Emily I think I know what she likes it’s not really I think it would be I abused but I’m not sure if it would be out of these because Emily’s kind of different than me.She probably liked that one and probably get the same one,but I hope not because I don’t like that. when she does acts up she might like this one over here,this one it’s like a cotton candy colored one. I really like it because it’s shaded from like cotton candy colors. I think Ali would like this because she likes blue and pink and then one like she could get blue and pink folders and all that stuff. I really like how it’s very cute and simple. he’s telling as other backpacks like this one and I like this Beach one for summer, but I’m not really going for that.Only blue look, because I really don’t like all blue now. I really want like different colors mixed into it, like this one and like the one that I have in this one I want to get. I don’t have it yet but on this one I was also really cute I really wanted one of these like color but in this type of form like super break backpacks.

I guess this is the one I already have.I was going to use it for this year but I didn’t because I ended up not liking it.This is one of the backpacks that I actually really wanted for a long time. it’s super duper cute in person I like it because of the teal color.Now I’m not really into playing backpacks anymore and I also like that one in this coral one and I was gonna get that one for a long time. I did not giving it because if you could get black and yellow be like that’s it nothing like Cora except for a Cora binder that’s you can actually find.

I really think the Mao one of these backpacks that they have on justice come this is really sparkly and that’s what she likes.She likes little emoji backpack that’s really girly.We’re going to the Justice website to show you guys if you think she likes. I’m not sure if she likes it, because I haven’t talked to her about this stuff. All that stuff I think she would really like this one, or the pug one right here and they have all different types of names.Not just a and stuff like that they have E’s and then they have lunch boxes for it. and then have the plain justice one and they have lots of cute accessories for back-to-school and stuff. I really like this BFF one the hearts together. I actually think that she would really like this one or this one. I’m pretty sure she won’t because I don’t think she would liked it. lots of sparkly this one’s really cute so easy is it gonna show up. I didn’t do oh there’s the e this is how the e looks if you see that sticky. it has like the holographic if you guys see you know tall grass picking this one tomographic and i think i would notch with my backpack – because my intelidox. so let’s see they have other like letters and letter for the whole entire out of it. so don’t worry if you guys can’t um buy the backpack and you want one with your letter on it you could just find it at justice they have those.

I personally would really like this one because I really like how its detailed and I really like how the sparkly. like the matching lunch box. which I really don’t bring lunch to school but that’s still okay if you just want it like packing if you have something to do like a lunch or something. I really like this one. I don’t know where the backpack to this one is and I liked that lunchbox it’s cute and I like how this has enough letter of your name on it. I would say kinda take that’s so cute. I like all the puff ball in that out. bye guys hope you enjoy this video and I hope it give you some ideas for what to get for back-to-school comment and subscribe and try to get us five thousand subscribers. we really want to get there before, let’s see may probably I don’t know how much we’re pretty sure four thousand a month at right now. let’s see a zoom our channel right now has 4777 subscribers, by the time this is up. we’re probably at five thousand subscribers will still try to get us in five thousand subscribers so yeah see you guys next time peace out.

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