Backpacks With Lots of Pockets

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we’ve been searching for the perfect backpack, where the urban hustle crosses the road less traveled .we’re fashionable for meats meticulous craftsmanship where accessibility joins security and where gravity can be defied then we stopped searching and started designing you.

The energy backpack is a next-gen backpack and mobile charging station built for everyday lifestyle activities. I’ve been through nearly every travel accident. I’ve run out of power at really bad times and experienced, and loss of communication. Because of it, I think of an idea and developed this the energy. backpack is a high style travel tested tactical bag for city dwellers and mobile warriors, techies students, scientists and business travelers. The energy backpack can charge multiple devices while you on the go, we believe it soon everyone using a backpack will seek this functionality. and we hope to establish a trusted brand we work with the super talented folks at axis design to create.

Backpacks With Lots of Pockets

The most multifungsion rechargeable backpack we can think of and we’re proud to announce you the results with over 190 cubic inches of internal space and 10 feature pack pockets. The energy gives you unparalleled configurability you can route up to 3 swappable rechargeable cables, to 7 different pockets through energies. well thought-out pastures you can even run a charging cable out the side to charge your phone while you walk and talk, especially handy for using navigation.

How many times have you walked around a city and lostbattery power ? now you can actually increase battery power while using turn-by-turn. directions the removable 10,000 500 milliamp hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery. provides up to four smart phone charges and one full tablet charge at the size of just two card decks.
The energy batteries USB charging ports allow you to charge anything and recharging. The backpack is a snap just can plug into any USB power source to recharge the battery computers, wall outlets and car outlets. The energy backpack is made of high-quality ballistic nylon ensuring years of and use a soft line, dedicated tablet pocket allows quick access to your tablet, laptop compartment features pillow protection around the edges for extra job protection.

Energy also saparate sunglasses and personal belongings and a waterproof front pocket protects sensitive documents, like passports and airline tickets travelers. will love a trolley slot that’s hidden in the backpack panel so you can give your back a break when the load gets heavy and it’s TSA approved. so you won’t have to remove laptops and security lines. the energy backpack has music lovers covered, a conveniently located headphone pass-through lets you run earphones to wreck the into the bag so you can listen to your tunes while your phone charges in a pocket and a headphone carrying compartment on the strap keeps your headphones handy all times. what do you bring to work how do you get there the tools we use have evolved, but how we carry them hasn’t kept up. until now introducing slim fold slim pack a minimal modular and modern commuter backpack built for today’s tools and lifestyles a highly technical custom made soft shell material truly sets a slim pack apart from existing bags it’s manufactured by a mill which produces material for such brands as North base and gore-tex combined with high-end weather proof zippers pack will protect its contents from splashes and rain. without an additional cover while traditional backpacks are like SUVs you drag around the slim pack is a sports card that hugs your body. Below this paragraph, there is two review from two talnted desaigner who come to desaignin the backpack.

hi I’m Dave, from slim fold. I introduce the world’s thinnest wallet with my first Kickstarter. now I’ve applied my design approach to reimagine the backpack. backpacks are way too big for what people carry these days they’re still made for these. when all you’re really need to work one of these, I’ve been surveyed previous backers about what I should make for the next, and backpack was the number one request.

I’ve been working two years to design the perfect pack to life. just like I designed a minimal wallet around modern everyday carry. I designed the slim pack around today’s work tools the main pocket suspends a 15-inch. MacBook Pro and the front pocket uses the footprint of an iPad. the patent-pending geometry of the slim pack gives you complete disability and access to what’s inside this pack is smaller and lighter than traditional backpacks. but makes no compromises with the shoulder straps, they have an ergonomic shape are padded vented and feature a pivot strap. that adapts with you as you move want to leave your laptop behind, take out the padded divider inspired by professional camera bags.

the interior can be configured exactly according to what you carry. outside of the four walls we call work or home keeping productive while maintaining an on-the-go lifestyle can be challenging. especially when it comes to charging depowering all of your devices in this world full of technology. our lives should not be restricted by the life of the battery with so many varieties of powering products on the market, none of them integrated very well with back or supply. to adequate power for all away so I assembled an amazing team of engineers, industrial designers, artisan fashion and we took it upon ourselves to go initially. we developed bags to build in powers however they were heavy and not very let’s face sometimes.

you need a bag sometimes,, you need power sometimes, you need creating the perfect bag or an on-the-go lifestyle taken time. however we’ve done game-changing technology would built alongside each bag. with one mission in life power mobility go plug smart removable power supply has enough capacity to charge a laptop supplies and mobile phones up to 14. it has multiple powering options that includes AC power up to 150 watt 12 and 19 volts, DC ports 2 reversible USB ports and a magnetic docking station that integrated all of fill plug.
back with us and international flight regulations additionally smart power can be initiated from a mobile device timer control tower and be programmed and alert notifications can be sent to the mobile device your electronics are fully charged it’s also trackable with proximity sensors and GPS technologies you can truly power anything anywhere every detail has an engineer and region size serial functionality design quality and most important no other products have worked this well together this will definitely set the standard what a bad shoot and taking the product and concept to production rate we need your help to bring these bags and production we’re giving you bag options to include power when you need it or remove it when you do and just like your life possibilities are recomended for you.

And this is review from nathan, talented desaigner who come desaigning the backpak .
hi guys i’m Nathan. from next-gen tutorials. if you are looking for a backpack that can hold up all your gaming gadgets. all your tech gadgets,like your camera, your video equipment, your gopro equipment. Well, let me introduce you the renegade RSS from romeo. This backpack is big, and safe. It has a lot of pockets for chargers cameras mobile, phones wallets, external hard drive, external batteries and laptops tablets. anything you want are fits in there. I also put in my neck cushion when I go flying and I still have a lot of place.

actually the quality of the build of this backpack because it has awesome pockets which are sturdy. it just looks a really premium it’s worth every penny you pay for it.the RSS by the way if you were wondering stance reactive suspension system what this means, is that if you put in your laptop and you drop your bag first, of all this bag just stands up nice and straight, but second of all the RSS will keep your laptop safe from bumping. the ground with a suspension system built in the back which I will show you later.

on now bear with me as I’ll show you the back from a close-up with you. so here we are with the backpacker let me just take a close-up for you, so you can see what it actually means to have a premium backpack you can see the stitching really beautifully. made you have the compartment for your sunglasses then you open that up for you there, you go you can see inside.

I’ve already put my sunglasses now you can see the red fabric. this means actually anything red in the backpack means, that it’s a safe area, that won’t easily get broken like gets squashed or anything. that’s why the red compartment for the sunglasses is red. a lot of red there we’ve got a nice soft grip as well,so this is a really nice and soft material for easy grabbing and it feels sturdy as well you’ve got the main compartment for your laptop that’s over here.

sorry about the shakiness as again you can see the red telling you that it’s safe. and if we go in there you can see well I can’t show you the suspension really is it’s the the the walls are really hard, so you have the cushions here. that protect your back so it make so it’s it feels really soft and here as .
well so you don’t have anything hard on.your bum but this here is a hard no actually this is pretty soft but the inside really hard. as well as here so if you have something poking through it won’t damage your your laptop or whatever you want, to put in here so next is the largest compartment which is this one here the middle one and as you can see I’ve got my neck pillow in there. which is really funny not really actually and you can see immediately the back.

of the outside of the glasses sunglasses compartment the inside really roomy, nice looking. all material of this also has a nice print in it’s really creamy. made you’ve got the logo right here the brand logo and if you open up, this little bag also very useful. as you can see you have a little pocket,, a little pocket here put in your mouse for example. but I think they have a mouse pocket specially. made that if you look at the stitching conceits really well made very sturdy won’t break easily. you have the same print in here .and of course you can put whatever you want in the pocket.

it’s a rather large pocket even though it doesn’t look that large from the outside, it’s still arather large pocket let’s open this one. here and this one again very large pocket to put in your tablet. as you can see this is the red area this is the red area, that you can put your tablet in and other stuff. it even has like a little image telling you this is for tablets.
let me put that down and we go to the front compartment. let’s open up that one as you can see again, I really like the quality this one is a black one. you also have a grey one even though I must say, it looks kind of grey but look at look it how it’s made. I really love it, it’s not just one plain color it has this carbon like effects to it so as you can see here you have the mouse compartment.
so this little pocket is for your mouse. this one I don’t know what you could put in there I put in some change because I don’t really like to keep it in my wallet, it just makes it thicker for no reason .this is a battery I put in there you can put in your pencils, it has separate buckets for little pencils pens whatever another compartment here and of course the side pockets really useful as well.

if you want to separate your cables and your chargers you just put them in. here they’re really large so as you can see waterproof as well. so that’s really important to know if you want to waterproof your stuff just put them in here.

let’s put this right here real quick open up this one,as you can see your camera equipment you could put in. a camera whatever you’d like to put in. I’d put in charges honestly that’s my opinion they’re really large so you can put in charges that you don’t want to have messed up between your other gear.

because let’s mainly the problem, that I had with previous backpacks here your iPad your iPod Express your iPod and again the last pocket over here same you can put in there you go it even has a charger sign for you with a nice little elastic to keep it in place and then last but not least you have the zip thingy keep it in place which you can adjust. let’s open this up really useful you normally yeah you see. you can pull it up pull it down so how you like it that’s how it will be and another pocket here I put in. I don’t know what I put in but.

I’m sure you could figure something out and that’s about it. I will just do some more close-ups for you so you can see how awesomely built this backpack. is example here look at the mesh it’s really really nice. I’m really glad because back I’m really glad that I bought this backpack. um it feels so nice to hold a quality. a quality backpack you can see it really has this awesome build to it very nicely made again. the ochio sign so if you’re not sure because of many pictures you might have seen.

but just then don’t tell you what quality it actually is don’t be worried. it’s a really good quality backpack see this really they open up really easily. the zip which is pretty important to me because I really hate messing around with zips that don’t open up and again. got the little pattern inside that shines if the light is right.
so yeah that’s it for my review if you enjoyed. if you liked it if you learn something about it if I convinced you into buying thi.s well have fun with it and never worry about this organized backpack again so see you guys later and like.

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