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Hello guys back to my vidio, and today we have got the Swiss Gear a 17 inch laptop backpack. I got this from Amazon, and let me tell you I didn’t get it from Amazon India it’s from Amazon USA. I ordered this for around 60 bucks here 60 US dollars.I shipped it to my cousin’s address in the USA and he shipped it back to me. so you can see those specifications over here. it says please gear 17 inch laptop notebook, macbook, ipad outros sand scan smart backpack. so actually the scan smart is that you can put this into the straining in airport, so there is no problem in spinning of this type with this type of backpacks.

So, some of other descriptions are also here. so okay so let’s open up the here you can see, actually I ripped up my address and my cousin’s address over here. so actually let me tell you one thing this package was shipped through USPS United States Postal Service. and it was an untracked package. but I got this living around six to seven days that was quite a bit of fast, and you can also see the shipping rates over’s almost fifty four US dollars quite a bit of expensive.

Backpacks With Laptop Compartment

On the back side we can see it says send it your way big packed ship visit for shipping supplies and services. actually what happens is in United States you can get free cartoons like this and packing materials from their postal services. so ok now let’s quickly open the box and see what we get inside. we have the old school kitchen knife.over here, I believe I don’t connect to internet right now. so here’s the back you can see some something’s all written over here. let’s quickly remove this plastic .okay hey is the bag so here you can see the switchgear types. it’s a scan smart laptop backpack so some doodles Omega again, so it’s complete let’s see this fortune. so it says fits most 17 inch laptops and I believe there is some Swiss Gear product.

I have one of this this, is really hot so okay so we have a tablet safe over here. tablet pips fits up to 9.5 inches by seven point three inches it’s a made in China. we have some other details over here, okay so here the most of the specifications air flow back system ,shoulder strap system shoulder strap shop sunglasses holder or go carry Handle, and audio pocket accessory pocket, organizer key for water bottle Pocket, adjustable padded strap to fit different sizes of laptop.

Okay this is the bag, so here you can see it’s a key holders you can just put your keys over here and blessed over here. we have a strap up, strap like this you can also add some mochi holders over here. so the first pocket we get this puzzle in piece of paper. we also get another type of key lock system .you can put your keys over here and just and strap it over here. then inside here we get a pocket. over here you can drop your necessary things over here. so another one you can put pins over here ,pens or pencils away need two more like this over here again. And here we also get another one. we have something keep this, so nice it says a limited five-year warranty should you need to return your Swiss back. please contact your our customer service group with the purchase proof to do it to obtain a return authorization for you repair.

What ISM so we get another pocket over here. so now let’s move to the side pocket. so you can see you a water bottle holder over here. and you can aside pocket over here some holes like this and if you are having a ball banks. you can charge a phone right on while you on the go.

So let’s see what on the side here. we have a small pocket over here and here. we’ll just see the low of company you have a small pocket over let’s go to the end of the main parts you can see the keys are also so much nice since quite premium behind.let me say you have another pocket over here it’s so nice and also we get here above. you can see there are so many compartments you can really separate your stuffs and here. is the audio given to put your phone to get music through maybe a and hear from here. you can put the headphones out easily. get into your iPods and all so here is a compartment you can see.

And let’s go to another main compartment. so you can see your back just open ups so here you can put your tablet over Here. real soft and nice place. and this side I believe you have got a different compartment. this it’s just like a see-through. lets you look at another company here, there it is compartment you have sideways open. you can easy and drop your laptop over there. we have a velcro strap over there, so it will easily drop your laptop for a huge size laptop – and just fit this velcro anything.

So now, at the backside you can see here it says the Sun West citizen was perfect so for sunglass you need to put that out because you need it anytime. When you’re outside some glass you should be putting the stick over here. like this and it and saying about the panning, it’s really soft cushy padding. it won’t like it is really comfortable to see. and you can see here is the air technology over this type.I don’t know what is this for maybe some other chain purposes of key purposes.

Maybe we have almost all this so if you want to buy from us. for this and the seller also ships to India but the price is a bit high for that almost like 150 usd. so if you want you can buy this because you see how much pockets. and if you are going for a tour and all its really get much benefits from this pack. I would say it’s a beautiful thing go for it maybe it would cost you a bit more. if you buy from India or any other countries than United States, but still it’s a very nice thing. so I will put the links in the description for you check out that and email for other products also there. which may fit your laptops and all so all this for today. thank you for watching my videos subscribe to my channel and like my videos will be coming up new more videos.

So I got this new bag it’s called the packs a Z 400. I’m really pumped about it. which seems kind of strange Lou, why would you be so excited about a bag, this is not your average everyday laptop carrying case bag etc. this one has some crazy anti-theft features that have me excited as I’ve said. it’s slash proof it has this internal kind of mesh that means a blade can’t get into it. it kind looks like a webbed bike lock type scenario. it’s also got anti-theft zippers this one can slide under this portion here to make this compartment hard.

It’s pretty crazy there’s a lot of Technology inside of this bag, and that’s important because of the technology you put inside it and by that. I’m not necessarily talking about your special headphones. I mean your laptop, your phone things that store personal information because ultimately information is valuable. I can feel a little bit more secure having it. inside of here versus your standard bag, the zippers as I mentioned are not only lockable but they’re pretty high-end to begin with. you can hear how well that locks so a pen for example won’t be capable of puncturing. that zipper like it can on other cheaper bags. you can see clips of this on you tube, if you don’t believe me and then the zipper is locking together using this little magnet on here. which is pretty cool gives you this really solid connection point for use with the lock.

Now has some other sort of travel features that I look for in a bag regardless of the security like this zipper portion here. which allows for a pass through, so you can put this on your luggage. you cansee have these like spring-loaded regions here on the key and this will allow you to put a water bottle. in the side, if you choose it also allows you to get a little extra space to bring the zipper down. even further than you would on a normal bag this gives you significantly more access to the inside security, is the main feature here but of course it’s got to fit all of your stuff or else. So what is the point, in this case I have all of the usual things that I travel with. I’ve got my 15-inch MacBook Pro, there’s also a separate tablet sleev so unlike a lot of laptop bags that only accommodate your laptop. this one will accommodate a tablet as well. there’s an iPad in there and there’s enough space inside. in the main pouch for some sunglasses. these are my go to travel headphones right now. Bluetooth lightweight from Sony NFC pairing very long battery life around 17 hours. just a super convenient headphone to travel with. actually if you want to check out any of these products that are inside my travel case, I’ll link them down in the description. a standard power brick that’s in there the MX master Mouse. of course a couple of phones with a specific pocket for them there’s an iPhone as well as the s6 active which you. saw in my recent video battery backup, another one of my favorites with the built-in cables some cleaning solution. a cleaning cloth and a pen now there’s also zipper pockets in here. so you can use those for things that I don’t know.

I have a power brick in there but that’s completely up to you. now here’s the other cool tech feature the RFID safe and this has a special blocking material. so this is where you should put your wallet with your enabled credit cards. the special blocking material prevents high-tech identity thieves from downloading and stealing personal information stored on microchips in your passport. as well as your credit card, so your passports in that slot as well. the material of this pouch blocks frequencies from 10 megahertz to 3 gigahertz. very cool, they’ve also got a big pocket in here for anything else. I have a couple of snacks in there, look at all this stuff and then of course here your pouch where I keep some medicine cold and sinus. these are a must side note that you never have blocked your ears know that feeling a terrible when you get off an airplane. it allows your ears to pressurize in a more stable fashion. instead of all at once when the descent occurs or when take off occurs whatever you want to call it everybody has experienced that terrible feeling of plugged ears. ear planes that’s what they’re called these are cool anyhow it’s made out of this canvas type material. which is going to be water-resistant but it’s also according to pacsafe going to have a kind of vintage effect. over time of fabric that gets better with age as you can see. So after you’ve got the bag completely filled up. then it’s time to lock all of your things in place using this very cool pacsafe contraption so you can see. I can slide it up and down very easily. then I can take my zippers and put them on this little rail lift back up and lock them in place then you can use a standard TSA lock on the bottom of this. if you choose to, or you can just leave it like this. so the last thing to show you is the strap and I love the way it tucks away in this compartment. so it stores in this really convenient location over here which zippers up. as well so it’s not gonna slide out accidentally it’s also slash proof and can be used to tether the bag to a solid object.

You’re probably wondering now what this thing cost it’s not cheap. I think I paid around $200 it probably fluctuates a little bit on Amazon. and I’ll link that in the description but usually you’re gonna have to pay a premium to get something this advanced and I’m gonna have this bag for a long time. I’m gonna be experiencing this bag living with this bag have a very intimate relationship with my bags. and this might be my new wife. my new bag wife pack safe z400 check it out thank you as always for watching and I’ll catch on the next episode later guys.

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