Backpacks for Teen Boys

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My name is Alex Casas. I think it’s really cool to see what other people carry. First of all I’d like to say that even though I have a backpack and everything. I don’t go to school anymore ,done with that chapter in my life but I do carry a backpack a lot. I work at home right but I like to leave home sometimes, because I’m just here by myself all day. I need to see sunlight, I need to do something go somewhere different. so when I travel for a week or a month long trip or if I go to a Starbucks, downtown my backpack pretty much stays the same everything that’s in here comes with me everywhere I go. just because I think it’s really important, it’s really the essentials. the core essentials that I have in this backpack. first things, let’s open this baby up this is a June house backpack. by the way I’ll be first thing that I’m pulling out here is a blender bottle, now this blender bottle. Sometimes, I’ll have protein shake in here but most of the time is just water. I just need to have what I took a lot of water every single day. Especially, because I work out a lot. so I need to get rehydrated after I work out. I tend to sweat a lot, I get really hot. I’d rather have this, than you know wasting plastic bottles every single day. so I fill this up before I leave my place. I go somewhere and I sit on this all day long. definitely invest some money, I think it’s like 10 bucks. I guess you can go and get it yourselves as well moving on.

The next thing in this backpack, we have the most important thing in the backpack. my laptop now, I know a lot of people don’t use laptops and they have their phones and they can just do everything on their phones nowadays, right work, editing photos editing videos but this is my job. I work online which is weird to say but it’s true. so I do need a powerful laptop especially if I’m editing my videos on the go. even if I’m trying to have fun or do anything and I feel like I need a laptop. I like the bigger screen, I want to watch a movie for example. I like having my laptop and not watching it on on my cell phone. so this is a really nice MacBook Pro. I don’t have the settings. I bought this laptop in January of this year. moving on to the next item a planner now I know you’re thinking who needs planners nowadays, because you can just write everything on your phone. it feels like I’m writing it into my brain right instead of like when I type it. this like really engraved everything into my brain, when I write it down. so you know I like making sure that my calendar is on point and then I don’t forget any skin anything scheduled, so I like to use my planner. I like this for making sure that I write my goals. so I write all my goals in here for the week, for the month honestly is probably outdated. because my goals change very frequently but it’s good to have next up Apple. I have a stupid dongle, I need it otherwise. I can’t connect anything to my macbook pro, which is really annoying but it’s true.This one is from Lenovo it’s really good because it just plugs into the side of your computer, and then you have all of the ports that you need to connect your SD card at USB 3.0 and leave here as well. so everything you need to connect besides HDMI. it doesn’t have HDMI which kind of annoys me sometimes. when I want to plug things into my Mighty Mite TV into my computer or my computer into my TV.

Backpacks for Teen Boys

Let me tell you about this backpack real quick, though this backpack is actually really cool. it was said to me by Jun house and it’s really comfortable. what I like about it, is that actually pretty small. it’s not a huge backpack, I hate those big backpacks that when you put them on it looks like you’re going camping or hiking. this is like a sleek backpack. the type of backpack that I take on my trips and I take when I go to a coffee shop, because I don’t need something huge and massive. it’s very modern looking and it carries a 15-inch laptop which is a size of my macbook pro. Jun house make these really built backpacks. they’re comfortable, they’re not gonna hurt your back and they look amazing. I said, they can fit a 15-inch laptop in this velvety interior here. you an fit several books in there as well and they have side pockets for water bottles or whatever else you need.

I definitely don’t need an umbrella here in LA but I know that if you live in London. for example that’s needed even have an anti-theft pocket hidden here in the back if you don’t hide something that’s valuable to you. they’re water resistant and heavily padded to make sure that your shoulders are going to get all marked and destroyed crew carrying all that weight. the whole day besides the features. the bag looks cool right it’s a modern design, it comes in all different colors and the best thing is the price. it is a backpack priced for students you’re not gonna starve yourself for three weeks. so you can afford this it’s an $80 backpack less than 80 bucks plus if you use my discount code right here you can get it for 20% off. that price make sure you use a discount code on Amazon or on their website 20% off. they’re really low price for the June house bag. next up in this little pocket here up front I keep things that I need to kind of like just pull out pretty quickly. for example, my sunglasses if you’re out on the street and then the Sun comes out or something you just pull them out. I have these doors that I really like it, I always need to pull out real quick is my wallets about the seller on wallet even though it says Paris on it.

I bought it in Japan obviously it’s not a Japanese brand it’s a French brand. I was in Tokyo and I just wanted to buy something that would remind me of the trip and that was a song on like in my hotel and I bought it. it’s definitely the nicest wallet that I’ve ever had. it’s really slim leather, I like that it has a money clip here. so you can just put the cash there which is really cool. you don’t need that much cash in your wallet now a day. so you don’t really need it, like those sleeves or anything. I like the money clip, it works really well and it looks cool and different from any of other wallets.I see my friends carrying around the next thing. I don’t usually leave my place without is a gum or usually mints. to be I’ve been carrying gum lately. I don’t care as long as I have something. I just hate that taste of like food in your mouth if you go somewhere to eat. you can’t brush your teeth and you can’t have gum or a mint it’s just lingers. I hate tha.t so I always try to stay fresh and bring gum with me or mints wherever I go definitely need it.

If you’re editing videos, if you work in the video industry, if you were in the social media industry an external hard drive for my MacBook. it’s not the best one, but it is a very cheap affordable hard drive from Western Digital. I recommend it it’s never let me down. I’ve had it for a long time. something else that I need, a charger all holy s–t carry your charger if I’m traveling internationally. I bring an adapter, forgot it last time I went to London. which was so annoying because I had to buy another adapter there and there like 50 bucks very needed especially if you’re traveling somewhere far. I love these, I’m so happy with these one of you guys one of my followers actually sent me this air pods but he customized them. he made them black, it’s a matte black and he put my initials and the YouTube logo so freaking cool man. every time I pull this out, people like whoa were those original what did you do to them. how did you get them done and I love them. it’s different nobody has them, they’re mine. they’re unique so that’s why I love them.

Next stop, Chap stick especially now in this summer. I feel like my lips are definitely getting pretty dry. which is really good keep your lips hydrated. so you don’t have cracked lips, plus it protects them from the Sun. my car keys and house keys gotta have them obviously another necessity and honestly. this is a necessity like because, I get hungry. when I’m hungry I get angry so I always carry a protein bar and you’re not gonna believe this, but when I travel for a week, I will bring seven protein bars one for each day because I know at some point that day I will be hungry and angry. I’m exaggerating, I get angry. I just don’t talk to people, I’m just keep thinking about it so I always carry a protein bar with me. I think it’s always good to have things like that just in case you get hungry .then last but not least a pen or at least a pencil. mechanical pencil because I need to write on my planner. right that’s about it, I think that’s usually everything that I carry in my backpack.

I obviously carry my phone, I have an iPhone 10 that I carry with me at all times. it doesn’t go to my backpack though it goes in my pocket. those are the things that I carry on me every single day, everywhere I go. One thing that I didn’t mention though was my camera, most of the time I don’t need it. don’t use it, but if there’s an opportunity technical picture or to make a cool little snippet or a video. I want to have it, I want it to be there. so I make sure that I have at all times quick little. it’s easier though, I did buy a new camera. I’ll be using for my new videos very soon this is a Sony 873 and then obviously don’t forget to check out June house and use my code for 20% off then follow me on instagram at Alex because I’ve been posting so much there. I have a trip to Columbia and then I’m going back to Europe for a long time. I’m gonna be there for a while I love it there I love traveling.

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