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The man bag an increasingly essential accessory in the modern man arsenal style. today we’re going over what makes a man bag and why you probably need one along with how to pick the perfect one in today’s man bag tutorial. so I have been carrying man bags in one way shape or form long before they had a cool name. so I don’t know if you guys know this or not. but I actually have asthma and this little thing on more than one occasion has actually saved my life. and the one thing that I am most scared of is having an asthma attack and not having my rescue inhaler with me. I’ve been carrying this around the one thing I didn’t want to do was stick it in my front pocket because this in a front pocket looks like something else. how you doing not only did I carry my inhaler but I carried other crap. The bag is a functional incredibly valuable tool for the modern man. Well then all of a sudden it started getting popular. You saw everybody not just because other dudes picked up on the fact that .it is a lot more comfortable and advantageous to use a bag as opposed your pockets which. we will come back to in a second but the first item of business is determining whether or not something is a man bag or just a bag that a man now let’s go over some of the common bag options that we as men have and the functional benefit of carrying each one. the first bag option is a backpack you know what a backpack is it’s got two shoulder straps, used to carry large heavy loads backpack is comfortable and it is the most ergonomic Lee correct way to carry heavy stuff. all right if you’re hiking if you’re camping if you’re carrying textbooks, do you even have textbooks anymore. so is a backpack a man bag no it’s a backpack bag.

Option number two is a briefcase a super structured formal option for carrying stuff. you don’t see it too many briefcases anymore because briefcases aren’t that functional in terms of carrying stuff other than papers and pens. right you got a key what are you going to do exactly you’re going to reinvent. the briefcase to a more modern soft sleek with a stroll ship stroller shoulder strap option there are a ton of different styles and options for. the modern briefcase so is this a man bag no this is a modern briefcase that you take to the office throw a flap on it and what do you have.exactly a messenger bag is this a man bag no chances are it’s still a computer bag just with a flap a man bag is a small to medium sized bag to carry all your daily essentials. not including like your computer it self this is for everything else. we are carrying more and more crapwith us on a daily basis, like phones. which coincidentally are getting bigger.

Backpacks for Guys

Wallets Keys headphones, phone chargers shades and what if you want fresh breath gum or mints. so how are we going to handle this? so how do we handle the need to carry crap with style and class? exactly man bag it is my personal opinion. that bags are like shoes you need a variety of options for different situations. one cannot exist on sassy double monk straps alone and one cannot exist on just having a computer bag. the man bag is the perfect option it comes in a variety of different sizes from small a little bit larger once you get big enough to stick a computer in it. I would say that is a computer bag you’ve got different levels of man bag dress e’ve got some that are made of a nice pristine leather. that look great and you can actually wear them when you’re dressing up. then you’ve got some man bags that are more casual, more playful, you’re going out being rough rugged casual man bag. I actually have multiple man bags for different situations, different outfits. it’s so much easier for me to actually carry a man bag the way I look at it. it’s kind of like a super cool accessory.

So now the question is where are you going to go to find a great man bag. well here’s the issue with all of the messenger bags, computer bags out there. on the market you would think that there would be a ton of different man bag options that’s smaller, but no they’re actually kind a difficult to find one company that makes a lot of them but are kind of overpriced. in my opinion for the quality is diesel, they make a bunch of them. some of them are kind of funky but the quality is kind of crappy another man bag. I recently purchased is by a company called nutsack and you thought I was kidding seriously quite possibly. the greatest name for a man bag in the history of names for man bags it’s actually the reason they call their selves with her company. nutsack is because they are two guys out of Oregon. who decided to make bags they actually were huge in like disc golf or you guys ended it. don’t call it frisbee golf whatever you do this Gophers will cut you if you call it frisbee golf. I found that out the hard way.
anyway the guys were like you we want to make bags made in the USA and people were like oh you’re nuts. you can’t do that and compete with bags that are cheap and made in China and they said whatever we’re from Oregon, we’re gonna make bags we’re gonna call nut sack. because apparently we’re nuts check it out right. I’m sassy, I got more damn compliments of this bag got sacks a small company but they’re doing great things and I love a good entrepreneurial tale and their bags are incredible. guys if you want to check them out they’re listed in linked in the description.the man bag is one of those things that once you start wearing it you’ll wonder how you ever live without it. your pockets are free from all the weight of the crap people like, oh hey sweet bag and if they ever come up to you and say is that a purse no it’s a man bag bitch. I’m getting don’t actually say that zeros that you’ll get me in trouble.

First, before I get into what’s inside of it. this is the Menaul carry-on I actually backed it on Kick starter a little while ago and for Traveling the world and going places. I think this is a fantastic bag. I’m able to fit everything that I need to carry with me inside of it. it opens up in a clamshell fashion. I absolutely love it, that being said now it retails for around 300 bucks and for daily campus use. it’s probably overkill for comparison, this is the bag that I use for most of college. it’s the synergy, I think it’s called from Swiss skier. I got it from Best Buy for about 60 bucks and it’s a quality backpack. it hasn’t fallen apart in six years and I think that’s a thing that you should keep in mind when you’re buying a backpack. but also it’s not overkill, it doesn’t cost tons of dollars and it has enough pockets to hold all your stuff.

All right let’s dig into this thing. first up is my macbook air, this is probably the thing in my backpack I use the most because I’m always writing and going to coffee shops and working.I love the air absolutely amazing computer, if you’re looking for a Windows computer that’s very comparable the Dell XPS 13 is an awesome option beyond that I am NOT a laptop expert but I can link to some laptop recommendations in the blog post for this video. I’ve also got an iPad Mini, this is the first edition. so no Retina screen but, I mainly just use this for reading books. it’s an upgrade from my Kindle and I always keep it in the bag.

I also usually have a print book, because I like books. now I’m reading a book called think smart it’s a neuroscientists prescription for improving your brains performance. I’m hoping to learn some cool stuff from this book that I can build into new videos. so keep an eye out for that kind of stuff also got a couple of paper notebooks. this is my main one nothing fancy it’s an environment a per notebook. I think it costs about 65 cents, but if you watch my video on my task organization system you’ll know that a lot of what I do is on paper and this thing. is my catch-all when I’m taking notes from an online course they all go in here when I’m doing my daily or weekly task lists. they go in here or when I’m creating b-roll lists for the graphics animations. I want to put in my videos they go in here everything’s in here not very organized. it’s probably not the best way to organize your notes if you’re a student have lots of classes but it works for me. I’ve also got a cheap sketchbook in here for what I want to create drawings or illustrations for my videos. and if you see my video on how to ace your finals you probably remember this drawing so keeping it in my bag at all times is a good way for me to be able to draw things when I get inspiration. if I don’t happen to be hereby my desk lastly, I’ve got a single purple folder as my catch-all for things. like airline ticket, stubs and anything else that needs to be put in a folder. that’s made of paper if you’re a student and you have a lot of classes. I actually recommend those accordion binder devices with the flap that can snap shut it works better than a trapper. it works better than stuffing lots of folders into your backpack. but these days I don’t really have a whole lot of papers that I need to keep. so one folder carries them all pretty well moving on to the small stuff.

I’ve got a Logitech presentation remote because occasionally I go speak at schools adapters for the MacBook. I’ve got the VGA one for the same reason. I got the presentation remote to hook up two projectors when I want to do a presentation and also the ethernet one just in case there’s no Wi-Fi but there is for some reason an ethernet cord business cards. I always recommend having at least a few of these in your backpack just in case you meet somebody and you want to leave them. your contact information and also leave a good impression and if you want to get them I recommend using MU. I’ve been using them since I was a college student and they make really good high quality cards pens and pencils not that interesting. I don’t use anything crazy I just use what works but I will say that I do keep two pens in my backpack at all Times. just in case I’m out somewhere and someone needs to borrow a pen. I can be the cool person who lends one out and actually at VidCon.

I made a new friend by doing this so uh thumbs up for friendship umbrella this is actually a really cool thing to keep in your backpack. I always have one on hand because you don’t know when you’re getting it caught in a rainstorm and this is coming handy for me more times. than I can count so this thing is staying on my back and it makes for kind of a cool backdrop to a really thin hoodie to deal with crazy air-conditioning and coffee shops laptop charger. because I don’t like sadness iPhone charging cable because same reason micro USB and mini USB cords. I used to have legit reasons for keeping these camera and pocket Wi-Fi. I think I just keep them in here because people with Android phones always forget their phone chargers and then they’re very happy when I have one USB battery actually picked this up in Japan. when I was out all day my phone would tend to die. I don’t use it too much here in the states. when I’m just going about my business but it keeps us spot in the backpack because it can come in handy and of course headphones and lastly a canteen for tea and water because this thing doesn’t do so well on a backpack. now that’s generally what I keep in my backpack on a daily basis today but since I’m not a student anymore and there are other things that used to keep in the bag.

I wanted to show you a few other items you might find useful. first up is actually a plug strip. I don’t keep this in my bag on a daily basis but whenever I travel I do make sure to keep it along with this little two prong, two three prong converter this basically makes it. so that even if all the outlets are taken in a coffee shop or an airport or a hostel I can make more outlets and that’s always a good thing. when I lived on campus I always kept a skate tool my bag because my main way of getting around campus was a skateboard book flags these come in handy for marking your place in books that you don’t want to highlight. I always kept my clicker. my bag because I had classes that required it. now if you go to a school that requires this thing you should keep it in your bag all the time but I think that schools are actually starting to move to smartphone clicker apps. which would be pretty cool but either way this thing always had a spot in my bag as much as I don’t like it. a pic for notebook this is actually a pretty cool goal tracking device. Basically, it has you committed to being daily practice on four different goals for a six week period and every single day you write down your progress on each of your goals. I’ve used several of these in the past and they’ve helped me make progress on goals, like learning Japanese, building my own iPhone app and lots of other things and lastly my trusty graphing calculator for math classes. so that ends this tour of my backpack hopefully you enjoyed it if you did you can leave a like to support this channel.

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