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If you’re a human being you’ve probably found yourself on a train walking somewhere.Riding a bike to some place or traveling. but no matter what your situation is when you’re on the go you’ve always encountered the same dilemma. which device should I charge first, the electronic devices are great but we always seem to lack enough power outlets to satisfy today’s charging demands. we here at Moss have found the answer to life’s greatest question. we give you the moss pack, the perfect solution to charge your devices on the go. At first it just looks like an amazingly beautiful backpack, but once you get to know her you’ll realize that what’s inside is what really counts here at Moss we’ve always strived to solve problems of cable management. so we have these channels on the sides that you can route your wires down and plug them into the moss. reach which is one of the biggest features that makes the moss pack different than any other backpack.

The Moss reach is stored at the bottom. You can plug in a laptop and two USB devices. the magnets inside the reach attach the metal plates sewn into the bottom of the backpack to keep it in place.The cable reach is stored in this side pocket that way you can quickly plug it in as soon as you reach a power outlet. when your device is
charged inside, without ever having to take them out with the two USB ports and power outlet on. The reach you have enough porch to charge all your devices at the same time while you sit back and relax,then when it’s time to go you simply unplug it and leave. You’ve probably seen battery backpacks before,but the truth is most of the time they’re way overpriced and they come with heavy bulky batteries making them very inconvenient for everyday use. That’s why instead of having a heavy battery.

Backpacks for College Girl

The MAS pack has a special spot, where you can use your favorite power bank such as the Moscow power bank which should be available soon.The laptop pocket can fit a 15-inch laptop and the tablet pocket can fit most standard tablets.The front vertical zipper is meant to house anything that’s 9 inches long, like a boarding pass.The next pocket has a couple different pen slots and other compartments that can fit things like your keys or wallet.Next pocket is surprisingly large it can fit a typical binder or two, this pocket was designed for your passport and you can also store your phone or wallet in.

This next ribbed pocket, the top pocket is actually designed especially for sunglasses.It’s lined with microfiber fleece and cushioning on both sides to make sure your sun glasses are protected. To make sure this backpack has a sleek design, we put the water bottle pocket on the inside it has an elastic pocket on the inside and it’s completely waterproof to keep your devices safe in case of a water leak. the built-in magnets on the straps can be neatly hold your earbuds whenever you need them. We here at MAS like to travel and while Traveling.We realize that it’s super inconvenient to find a power plug pull out all your devices charge and then throw them back in, when it’s time to go. Not to mention carrying around a bunch of bulky chargers is such a pain our vision for the backpack was to make a technical pack that wasn’t complicated.

We wanted something really simple clean, really durable and made of really high quality materials and then something that’s comfortable on the street to wear. As well as in business meetings, so we spent a lot of time researching material prototyping, testing and making sure this backpack fits your lifestyle. we feel that this bag is going to meet every aspect of your life.So we need you to help us meet our minimum order requirements. in order to start our first production, so make sure to back us to get your today. The Moss Pack iseasiest way to charge all your devices on the go if you love it when your phone dies click skip this ad right now, but if you hate it when it dies and you could use a new backpack.We’re going to welcome life pack it’s a solar-powered, an anti-theft backpack what does that mean ? Well it means there’s a solar panel which stores the power from.The Sun in the built-in power bank it’s also about Bluetooth speakers an integrated lock and many more features check it out.

London Paris New York Shanghai petty. theft is common in major cities around the world.According to recent numbers 400,000 pickpocket incidents occur every day.Around the world and these are just the reported numbers in the Metro a lot of commuters used this goofy way of wearing day bags.In the front to outsmart the pickpockets as a solution to this.The Dutch award-winning brand XP design has come up with a revolutionary zero entry anti-theft backpack .Different from normal bags its genius lies and its unique rear open structure, with hidden zipper fully fitted into your back.In addition to that high density and lightweight materials has been added into the fabric. which protects your bag from being slashed or crushed as a powerful weapon against. These it is named Bobby. this backpack comes with a dozen of edge cutting features. like anti-theft cut water-resistant weight balance night security USB external charging etc, how thoughtful.

Have you ever imagined, being cuddled by a bag 12 hours a day.Our man spent 28 years old like many office workers.He spends two hours on the Metro every day arriving at the ticket barriers.He’s already ahead of others.Three hidden pockets have been specially designed for quick access to small items super convenient inside the subway station. He feels safe and secure.The backpacks unique anti-theft feature is reflected in the design.The zipper pulls to the main compartment are completely hidden,against your back leaving.Nothing but the puzzles, these no wonder he appears so relaxed,now it’s time for work. He starts to prepare for his day impressive, thanks to the multi divider structure. This small bag has ample storage on the inside and organized.Isn’t cool to help you combat the uncertainty.This bag is also spill and stain resistance your bag, will look new brand.Just wipe it with a cloth.
The back panels are made of mash breathable material ergonomically, designed to bring the extra comfort while you wear your bag all day.Since the weight leans firmly against your back weight is distributed more evenly and your back will feel 20% lighter than traditional backpacks. Watch out you may become addicted to it.After a long day your mobile phone running on just one bar, no need to panic simply connect the phone to the external Charging port no need to take out your power bank from inside so easy. Nowadays people leave busy and hectic life and public security systems are not always reliable. How can you feel safe.It came back our stride and caution and freedom to choose the Bobby backpack and take charge of your life XD design.

Hey, how’s it going Dave 2d here and this is a video on what I feel. like I’ve the best backpacks for laptops or tech, or just anything you would put in a backpack.So as a male, I feel like backpacks are pretty important to me, because they’re like one of very few items that we get to showcase a sense of style or whatever it is. if we ever clothing, we have our shoes but those you can switch in and out every day with the backpack. it’s pretty permanent you only have one or two at a time and they last a long time. so you choose one that you actually enjoy to wearing it. you want to choose one that actually looks good.we don’t want to do is, choose a backpack that’s like a tech backpack. that’s super ugly just because there’s a tech backpack you don’t want to do. that you want to get some of you actually like. the look of and you actually feel proud wearing to school or work whatever it is. so in front of me are Herschel backpacks this is not a sponsored video, they didn’t send me any of these. I purchased three of them over the years and the other ones I bought from my friends and I could make this video. This pile of bags is not an exhaustive list of what they have.They have probably 15 20 styles,, this is like five of check their website if you want to see more but these are the ones that I particularly like.

Let’s start with this one,The Heritage was actually one of the very first bags is designed for 15-inch laptops so any kind of normal sized. 15-inch laptop will fit in here. XPS 15 MacBooks any of the thin ones will obviously fit, but if you’re like an ultra thick gaming laptop it’s going to be a little bit difficult. it’s a really simple pack it doesn’t have internal pockets or anything. you have the front pouch and the laptop slot in the back but that’s it holds a lot of stuff but it doesn’t separate them into different compartments or anything. now the one that I have here is a little bit older.. you won’t be able to find this exact model but you’ll be able to find a ton of other colors on their website. if you’re looking for something with a few more features, it would be this one.

The pop quiz is one of the more popular bags and if I had to choose one blindly from the whole herschel collection. it would probably be this one for just the average person again this comes in a ton of color’s designed for a 15-inch laptop it has that padded material again for the laptop but this one has this elastic. which helps it stretch a bit more. so if you have some bigger laptops this might fit it a little better. it also has a couple front patches and an inner pocket thing. now one of the common features of the super ugly tech backpacks out there is, that they’ll include a battery into their backpack and I’ll sell it to you. they’ll sell this hundred dollar or $150 ugly backpack and they’ll call it a tech backpack just because there’s a battery in it. so what I think is better is to get your own battery pack. this one’s from Ankur and this backpack has a slot on the inside you keep the battery in there along with some cables.I use these octopus looking cables and whenever I need to charge something, I just connect it up and I’m good to go. so I’ll link all this stuff in the video description if you’re interested in building your own kind of battery pack system it’s pretty simple.

The next pack is similar to the pop quiz. it’s a little bit less boxy, it’s called the settlement. it’s a little cheaper but the front area only has one zippered area. it’s not two zippers and the inside laptop area has no padding it’s just a separate section if you have a sleeve for your laptop. it’s no problem but if you don’t feel like you have to be a little more careful about how you toss your bag around this pack. is actually the one that used. the inside area has a slot you can put your battery in there, just like the pop quiz.

I like the look of it the next one’s a little bit more expensive it’s called the mammoth. this one is designed for a 13-inch laptops but they make a bigger one that’s designed for 15-inch laptops and this whole pack is just more streamlined. it’s made with a more technical water-resistant material and it also has a rain cover. there’s a front pouch and then some pouches on the side, but this one’s pretty simple. if you want a moretechnical looking pack that looks pretty clean this could be a good pickup.

Another one that I like is the Parker, and this pack is actually the one that I like the most in terms.its looks nothing too fancy, the front pouch is flush with the pack it holds a 15-inch laptop but like the settlement. I showed earlier it also doesn’t have much padding in the laptop area. it has two side pouches, the front pouch is water sealed. but it’s not super spacious like there’s space below the zipper but not above it. I really like the look of this pack and that’s why I purchased it. but if you have a ton of stuff to carry, this may not be a good fit.

Okay the last one here
Is a messenger bag it’s called the pop-quiz messenger, and I normally like messenger bags but I don’t love this one. so this one’s a little bit bulkier. it’s got a padded area for a 15-inch laptop and this is actually a bag that I bought from someone who’s had it for over a year. so it looks a little bit worn. there’s a lot of space on the inside, but maybe a little too much. I like my messenger bags just more streamlined and more clean this has a lot of room and it holds a well-protected laptop. but it’s just a little too big for me, but if you’re interested in messenger bags herschel makes some as well. now it looks into the warranty and it seems like there’s a lifetime warranty for these bags. which is kind of cool these bags aren’t cheap. so the peace of mind is nice in terms of the overall experience with these bags. I mean the reason why I made this video, is because I’ve enjoyed using them over the years.Last, they look good they protect your laptop. so if you’re interested in them there’s links to all this stuff down below okay.Hope you guys enjoyed this video, thumbs if you liked it subscribe if you loved it see you guys next time.

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