Hey guys, I’m with my cousin today ,her name is Abigail. And she is a freshman this year, and I’m a senior. we thought would be fun to do a freshman versus senior, […]

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, so this background is a little funky. Basically, I had no plans on coming today. I am currently in the process of moving from my apartment […]

Hello guys, so we are at the mall today. back-to-school shopping with Blake and Lily and he was supposed to come out and show me his jeans and khakis. and he didn’t, so […]

we’ve been searching for the perfect backpack, where the urban hustle crosses the road less traveled .we’re fashionable for meats meticulous craftsmanship where accessibility joins security and where gravity can be defied then […]

Whether you’re traveling to remote areas or locations with no guarantee of access to electricity. It always feels better and safer to bring your own power. Introducing the solar panel backpack from joe […]